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Wrapping Up Insight-Led Stories with Creed, Odicci, and Eyos

Bronwen Watts, Field Marketing Manager @ Mapp
Wrapping Up Insight-Led Stories with Creed, Odicci, and Eyos

This year, our mission is to help more brands realize the countless opportunities that come with an insight-driven business approach. We hosted the kick-off session of our Insight-Led Marketing Stories event, joined by: 



Our speakers explored the key drivers marketers need to embrace in 2023 to deliver positive customer experiences that drive growth. So without further ado, let’s explore the main takeaways from the kick-off session! 

Mapp & The Insight-Led Culture: What Is It and Why You Need To Adopt It


The event kicked off with a presentation by Ricardas Montvila, Vice President of Global Strategy at Mapp. Ricardas explained that marketers often are stuck with a bad habit of relying on gut-feel decision-making. Brands must instead embrace an insight-led culture to make marketing activities more effective, especially as the cost-of-living crisis dampens consumer confidence.

He went on to explain that insight-led marketers challenge themselves and their teams to make decisions backed by facts and data, but they need the right tools to do this effectively. Ricardas demonstrated how insight-led marketing gets results by drawing on the example of our confectionary brand client, Jelly Belly. Because the brand has access to customer insights, the team know the approximate replenishment cycles for different products and can make timely recommendations to customers, by using that data. His presentation concluded that access to customer insights enables marketing teams to reach data maturity, leading to more revenue.

Mapp: 7 Most Important Marketing Strategies in 2023 With First-Party Data


Next up was Joshua Beale, Principal Account Director at Mapp. He started his presentation with an inspiring quote: “Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations.” Joshua explained that marketers have to deal with turbulence and changes, which was met with nods and murmurs of agreement from the audience.

But it’s incremental improvements that improve bottom lines, and embracing new ideas is essential for brands to drive revenue. He explored several innovative ways to improve marketing strategies:

  • Collecting first-party data through digital receipts
  • Gamification to make customer journeys more enjoyable
  • Leveraging new automation tools
  • Switching up marketing channels and messaging
  • Better targeting, organizing faceless crowds of consumers into 360° customer profiles
  • Utilizing AI to make smarter marketing decisions

For example, AI is already having a big impact at Mapp! Joshua explained that Mapp Marketing Cloud uses AI to choose the best send-out times and predict which users are going to churn, allowing users to predict outcomes and optimize campaigns.

Odicci: Why Gamification Should Be On Your Roadmap in 2023


The next speaker was from our Partner: Jacques Prothon, CEO of Odicci, a multichannel solution that enables brands to create interactive content for eCommerce. Jacques explained that all successful marketing begins with good data and that the digital consumer landscape has undergone a significant transformation, including data privacy and the shift towards online shopping. 

Using Odicci, eCommerce brands convert more site traffic, improve customer retention, grow email lists, and increase average order value. He explained that Odicci helped a client with a Shopify integration over Christmas, and within eight days, the brand generated £123,000 through a Wheel of Fortune interactive game. This example reveals the revenue-generating power of gamification and interactive experiences in the eCommerce marketplace.

Creed: How Insights Create Opportunities


The next speaker at the kick-off event was Amy McCafferty, CRM Manager at Creed, a high-end fragrance brand and a Mapp client. Amy explained that Creed uses several Mapp Marketing Cloud capabilities to enable the brand to become truly insight-led: Mapp Acquire, Engage, and Intelligence. Using the Mapp platform, Creed collects data on different site events, integrates with Google Ads to optimize campaigns, and engages with audiences on specific campaigns, for example, cart abandonment. 

Creed uses Mapp Engage to add data from acquisition methods such as competitions and lead generation ads, to build content such as emails, to create segments for channels, and to automate customer email journeys. Finally, Creed uses Mapp Intelligence to create generic and custom reports, which allows the brand to assess campaign performance and, vitally, become more insight-led at all levels of the business.

Eyos: The Dawn of Transparent Consented Offline Conversion Traffic

In the final presentation of the kick-off event, Simon Harris from Eyos explained that to win in retail, you must win in-store. But to win in-store, you must win in digital. Shoppers are more empowered than ever before because they have information at their fingertips — 87 percent of shoppers seek information before visiting a store, and 79 percent of shoppers browse while visiting the store. So, how can brands use digital to win in-store?

Simon explained that digital in-store receipts allow brands to capture vital offline customer data. The receipt identifies the in-store customer, captures the item-level purchase, and connects data in real-time, allowing marketers to access valuable information about customers that purchase in-store rather than relying on insights solely from online customers.

The Value of Insight-Led Marketing

For most brands, 2023 will be the year of retention. Consumers are dealing with tighter budgets due to the cost of living crisis and, naturally, are feeling less inclined to part with their hard-earned money. As a result, an insight-led culture has never been more important for brands, as it allows marketers and key stakeholders to trade gut-feel decisions for data-powered insights that drive revenue.

During the kick-off event, the speakers explored the numerous benefits of an insight-led culture, innovative marketing strategies using first-party data, why gamification should be in your 2023 roadmap, ways to access offline conversion data, and creating marketing opportunities with Mapp Marketing Cloud’s insights. We were delighted to have such a positive start to our Insight-Led Marketing Stories series, all thanks to Ricardas and Joshua from Mapp, our Mapp Marketing Cloud client, Creed, and our partners, Odicci and Eyos. But this is just the beginning—subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated about our upcoming Insight-Led Marketing Stories events. You won’t want to miss them!


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