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Wrapping Up Insight-led Stories with PBSL, PepsiCo, and Antavo

Bronwen Watts, UK Field Marketing Manager @ Mapp
Wrapping Up Insight-led Stories with PBSL, PepsiCo, and Antavo

Ready to hear some compelling Insight-Led Marketing Stories? You’ve come to the right place!

Following our successful kick-off event with Creed, Odicci, and Eyos, we hosted our second of the series in sponsorship with our partner Antavo to discuss everything about customer experiences and loyalty. Our guest brands, clients, and partners had the pleasure of listening to our storytellers, including:


What Are Insight-Led Marketing Stories All About?

Before diving in, it’s worth understanding what these events are about! Our mission at Mapp is to empower more brands to realize the countless opportunities in insight-led marketing. In these events, we’re working together with our customers and partners to share our knowledge and expertise to help you learn how insight-led marketing can transform your business through real-life customer stories, examples, strategies, trends, and much more. 

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And without further ado, let’s dive in!

Mapp: 2023 Customer Experience Trends and The Future of MarTech

First on stage was Ricardas Montvila, Vice President of Global Strategy at Mapp. He started his presentation by explaining that in today’s cost-of-doing-business crisis and landscape, “insights are a valuable commodity.”

In our survey, 73% of global respondents saw increased sales in 2022, with 15% of UK respondents attributing this to marketing maturity. Ricardas referred to the Forrester Total Economic Impact study on Mapp Marketing Cloud and shared that improving technology usage enhances teams’ ability to understand insights and activate them to drive business success.

As 82% planned to increase marketing spending to match rising costs, he highlighted the importance of investing where it matters. Measuring attribution properly and understanding marketing spend is critical to avoid being among the 26% of senior marketing leaders who reduce budgets simply because they cannot justify value in certain activities.

Additionally, Ricardas addressed the misconception that lacking resources or bandwidth is the primary reason for not implementing more analytics and attribution. He explained that this lack of implementation is more likely due to prioritizing resources elsewhere rather than a shortage of hands. By ensuring your team is on top of their marketing attribution, you can clearly understand where to best invest budgets to improve your productivity.


Moving on, he approached the second half of his presentation to discuss the coolest tech club in town: MACH Alliance. He explained the advantage marketers gain when investing in MACH tech to do things faster and help your company grow faster.

Watch Ricardas’ full presentation here 


Next on stage was our client Suzana Bulearca, CMO at PBSL group – an independent group of nine brands across the U.K. supplying specialist material to both trades and D.I.Y professionals. Their endgame is to encourage brand loyalty and prevent churn.

But Suzanna described PBSL’s business model as complex. As COVID-19 gave the industry a kick to focus on its digital presence and offering, PBSL needed to overcome their barriers such as legacy systems and siloed data.

When researching the market, they realized, “It’s about insight-led marketing. It’s about the data, what sort of data we can collect, how can we use it to understand our customers.”

PBSL chose Mapp Marketing Cloud to integrate its multiple data sources and unify them into one place. The group built a tailored data infrastructure at the heart of its operations, consolidating transactional, eCommerce, behavioral, survey, and other forms of data. Now its teams have a complete picture of customers to help them deliver an exceptional digital CX to resemble the closest thing to an in-store experience.

Suzanna shared how Mapp Marketing Cloud helped collect data and surface customer segments, patterns, and behavior from once siloed data to unified data to enable targeted and personalized actions. PBSL is also using marketing automation to conduct cross-brand campaigns and test a variety of messages, such as promotional, informative, and expert content.

In addition to email recommendations, they’re also leveraging onsite personalization for recommendations, cross-selling, and upselling:

By collecting data, testing, investing in their email and CRM team growth, and adopting Mapp Marketing Cloud, they saw:

  • Average email engagement rates increased by 225% (open and click rates)
  • Drop of 15% unsubscribe rate
  • eCRM rev performance increased by +80%

Suzana concluded that PBSL now has a better-sized team, although still small for the complexities of their business. The group is enthusiastic about its future with insight-led marketing, as Suzana signed off her presentation with a final thought: data collection is just the beginning of their journey.

Antavo: Global Customer Loyalty Report 2023 & Success Stories from KFC and BrewDog

Next on the stage was a special presentation from our loyalty partners and sponsors from Antavo: Sheila Power, Chief Sales Officer, and Joe Danter, Director of Sales. Kicking off their two-part presentation, Joe dived into Antavo’s Global Customer Loyalty Report in 2023 to give the audience three key insights that they had found.


The first insight: loyalty programs will be renewed. Joe shared that 8 out of 10 loyalty managers they interviewed plan to revamp their programs this year, with 89% of managers believing loyalty is the way forward in the cost-of-living crisis.

The second: companies will invest more in loyalty this year. Companies with successful loyalty programs reported a 4.9x return on investment. Additionally, customers who use personalized offers had a customer lifetime value (CLTV) that was 4.5x higher than those who did not.

The final insight Joe shared, was three trends that will influence the industry:

  • Free + premium paid elements have grown from 8% to 24%
  • Annual spend of those who redeem partner rewards is 3.4x higher
  • 2/3 of businesses reward or plan to reward responsible behavior, which can align the brand’s and customers’ value

Next, Sheila gave audiences three example case studies of successful loyalty programs.


KFC and Gamification

KFC worked with Antavo to relaunch their loyalty program using a new app-centric offering, focusing on providing meaningful rewards for all customers. Their gamification app involved a hammer game that provided data collection opportunities, resulting in a 40% increase in reward redemption. They also used their customer data to understand spending habits and provide personalized experiences to nurture loyalty.

Bergzeit and Gamification

Bergzeit, a renowned German brand focused on hiking apparel, employed a hybrid strategy of loyalty and points. To cater to its target market’s love of hiking, Bergzeit integrated its loyalty program with Strava to allow users to earn points by tracking their hiking activity. Incentivizing customer interactions was also crucial in its loyalty-building efforts.

Brewdog and Reward Systems

Brewdog implemented a badge-driven loyalty program to increase online traffic and bar visits. They saw a 400% higher purchase frequency for members with six or more badges. To boost customer lifetime value, they also offered new badge unlocking and maintained a fresh reward experience with limited-time events. Additionally, promoting sustainability was crucial to its loyalty strategy, offering special badges for carbon offsetting and building a community around its eco-conscious members to enhance the brand’s reputation.

PepsiCo: Maximizing MACH and First-Party Data with Mapp

Stepping in for PepsiCo was our Head of Global CPG, Joshua Beale. PepsiCo has been a Mapp client for over seven years and operates across EMEA.


He described how PepsiCo collects its data through various channels such as its website(s), Facebook Ads, Digital Receipts, Competition Microsites, and offline events. He also mentioned some data-capturing tactics they were using, such as lead ads, email sign-ups, sign up via the website, and online games. Combined, they could use this to feed data into Mapp Marketing Cloud and create unified customer profiles to understand their consumers better across brands and orchestrate targeted campaigns.

Josh referred to a success story about one of its brands, Quakers, which sought to develop a new Cruesli flavor by engaging users through micro-site data collection and lead-gen ads in multi-channel campaigns. The team used retargeted ads on relevant social channels to encourage participation and collect data to enrich customer profiles.

As users were invited to create their Cruesli combination, they would enter for a chance to win a 10k prize. This resulted in over 50,000 flavor combinations and 400+ votes for the winning combination.

The winning flavor, frambalicious, was brought to market for a limited time. Targeted communications were sent to campaign participants, and lead-gen ads were used to build a database and generate excitement.

But the real key to success was their use of first-party data. By capturing data from previous campaigns, they could power other engagement campaigns and create lookalike audiences, resulting in a 50% lower CPA. This first-party data was also used to send targeted communications and activate their CRM, while lead gen ads helped build a database and create excitement.

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