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Wrapping Up Insight-led Stories with PizzaExpress, Riverford, and Fresh Relevance


We’re riding an incredible wave of success with our events, and it’s only getting better! Our London office hosted our third Insight-Led Marketing Stories Event, sponsored by our valued partner Fresh Relevance.

Our customers PizzaExpress and Riverford shared their insight-led marketing stories with an enthusiastic audience of brands, clients, and partners.

Speak line up of Mapp's insight led marketing event in June 2023.

What are Insight-Led Marketing Stories All About?

We’re on a mission to inspire brands to recognize the vast opportunities they can gain from insight-led marketing. Working closely with our clients and partners, we’ve created a space to share experiences and stories to showcase how insights can transform your business.

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Mapp: Moving Away from Gut-Feel Decision-Making

Ricardas Montvila opening presentations at Mapp's Insight Led Marketing Stories event in June 2023.

Up first was Ricardas Montvila, Vice President of Global Strategy at Mapp, who captivated the audience by addressing the current issue of low consumer confidence in the midst of the cost-of-living crisis. Ricardas emphasized the need for brands to shift away from relying solely on gut-feel marketing and instead embrace the power of customer data and insights to navigate these changing dynamics. With insight-led marketing stories being shared from both customers and partners, he highlighted that these are more interactive formats to enable everyone to ask and learn from one another’s experiences.

PizzaExpress: Maximizing Customer Loyalty

Matt Broom from Pizza Express talks about customer loyalty at Mapp's insight-led marketing stories.

Next to share his story was Matt Broom, Director of Customer Technology at PizzaExpress. Matt painted a picture of the journey PizzaExpress has had with Mapp, spanning over seven years. He began with how PizzaExpress had previously relied heavily on extensive discounting before the pandemic. But this challenging time prompted them to shift their focus and prioritize two objectives: moving away from widespread discounting and focusing on delivery and collection services to drive customer loyalty through delivering highly personalized customer experiences.

Matt highlighted PizzaExpress’ loyalty mobile app, which revolutionized the omnichannel experience for customers. The loyalty program featured three tiers (bronze, gold, and silver) and encompassed three main channels: pizzerias, delivery and collection, and supermarkets.

Recognizing the importance of data in fostering customer loyalty, PizzaExpress captured this from all channels. By integrating this valuable data into Mapp Marketing Cloud, they gained actionable insights to deliver personalized communications to encourage actions, e.g. “You’re only one pizza away from going gold!” 

In their quest to further enhance customer experiences, Matt spoke about joining forces with Fresh Relevance to explore upselling opportunities based on AI-driven product recommendations. The brand also leveraged a delivery platform which was essential for a seamless and convenient service. By integrating Mapp Marketing Cloud, Fresh Relevance, and the delivery platform into their loyalty scheme, PizzaExpress is perfectly positioned to provide customer-centric experiences that surpass traditional mass discounting and drive customer loyalty.

Riverford: Sprouting Repeat Purchases

Nick Glover from Riverford talks about cultivating repeat purchases.

Nick Glover, CRM Lead at Riverford, took to the stage to share how the brand took a unique approach to improving its customer experience. He also took the audience back to the turbulent times of lockdowns and explained the pressure of having to react quickly during an unpredictable period. But they had a plan: to be fighting fit by 2028 by achieving outstanding customer experiences and high levels of customer advocacy.

Nick revealed how Riverford took a strategic shift in delivering to a larger customer base through a limited range of products. However, they recognized the need to assess the sustainability of this approach given factors like the cost of living, inflation, and the energy crisis.

To measure customer advocacy, Riverford implemented the Net Promoter Score (NPS) as a core KPI. They decided to target a representative sample of customers in a selected number of days after delivery. Based on their recent experiences, customers would rate their likelihood to recommend to friends/family. Using Mapp Marketing Cloud, each click on the email link updated the NPS customer attribute with the respective score to give a real-time overview.

Nick further explained how Riverford wanted to use its data to become more customer-centric. To get a deeper understanding, they sought additional feedback from their respondents to gather more accurate and relevant data, generally focusing on six key areas of customer experience. From there, they could visualize this customer data and share insights with key internal stakeholders to help the business make data-driven decisions.

To sum up, Nick explained that Mapp’s solution empowered Riverford with a consistent and automated flow of customer insights, enabling them to drive meaningful change within their customer experiences and overall business.

Fresh Relevance: High Impact Moments in the Customer Journey

Our final speaker, Gaby Orlich, Business Development Manager at Fresh Relevance, came and shed light on the significance of understanding customers to deliver the right message at the right time.

With the customer journey becoming increasingly complex and non-linear due to rising acquisition costs and other challenges, Gaby revealed that 62% of consumers interact with multiple channels before making a purchase. This poses a challenge in understanding the customer’s exact needs and identifying what content or message best resonates with them during crucial moments of their journey.

Gaby emphasized the importance of learning customers’ purchasing motivations and leveraging data, such as clicks and past purchases, to gain valuable insights.

How Mapp Integrates with Fresh Relevance

During the Q&A, one attendee asked how Fresh Relevance integrates with Mapp. Josh Beale, our Principal Director at Mapp, explained that their real-time API connects both platforms. When a website event like cart abandonment happens, data is pulled into Mapp Marketing Cloud, and content blocks from Fresh Relevance are merged to send personalized communications through email or other channels. This integration ensures consistent and trackable customer experiences.

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