Year-in-Review: Mapp’s Round Up of 2019

Kimberly de Silva

WOW, this year has flown by, right?! It seems like only yesterday that we were going through the company rebrand, and now it’s been almost an entire year with bold colors and a sheep mascot. But so much more happened! To sum it all up, we’ve put Mapp’s year in review with the top 10 things that happened in 2019, from product releases to exciting achievements.

Before digging in, we would like to thank all our customers for their continued support, as well as the wonderful Mapp team across the globe who work hard every day to bring you the best in cross-channel marketing.

Now here are our top 10 highlights of 2019:


1. Included Among Top 9 Cross Management Vendors

We are extremely proud that Mapp has been included by Forrester among the top nine cross-channel campaign management providers in their new study titled The Forrester Wave™: Cross-Channel Campaign Management (Independent Platforms), Q4 2019. The Forrester Wave™ report places Mapp Cloud among the “nine vendors that matter most” in the market segment that is defined as ‘cross-channel campaign management (independent platforms)’.


However, through the whole evaluation process, we realized that we don’t fit into the pre-defined analyst categories perfectly. Mapp is so much more now, and it makes us wonder if there is a better way to define the cross-channel marketing category. Read our blog to find out more about how we want to redefine the category:

2. Acquired Webtrekk

In June 2019, Mapp acquired Webtrekk, the European leader in marketing analytics and customer insights. Both Webtrekk’s customer intelligence and Mapp’s cross-channel marketing execution are grounded in first-party data and designed to ensure a highly personalized customer experience. Since the acquisition, our focus has been to create real, reliable marketing insights that enable one-to-one level of personalization. These insights provide the foundation for Mapp Cloud.

3. Merged Mapp Intelligence with Webtrekk Analytics

Mapp Intelligence and Webtrekk Analytics are now combined into an integrated package, allowing marketers to collect, analyze, and activate their data for customer engagement through a single platform. Customer interactions can be quickly and easily initiated, based on real-time data and precise insights. Mapp Intelligence, powered by Webtrekk, provides you with the most accurate prediction of what your customers are going to do next – and it gives you an edge, because this first-party data isn’t available to your competition.

More specifically, Mapp Intelligence now includes these features:


4. Completed the Magento 2 integration

Mapp Cloud was fully integrated with Magento 2, so you’re able to use your Magento data with Mapp Cloud to create customized audiences, personalize your messages, and automate retention marketing. All of the integration is done with Mapp Connect technology to easily map fields and data sources to the customer profile. This means less time is spent setting up and maintaining the integration as these two systems update and change by themselves. It connects your online shop and automatically syncs crucial information to Mapp.

The Magento plugin allows merchants to drive more revenue by connecting their Magento store to the Mapp Cloud or Mapp Empower platform. You are able to send triggered messages that are based on Magento customer events through the platform. Find out more here:



5. Enhanced Mapp Empower

Alongside Mapp Cloud, our agency solution, Mapp Empower, is also always evolving. Here’s what’s new:



6. Took mobile to the next level

Creating a mobile app is hard…. And expensive. Make the most of those development hours by using Mapp’s easy to use UI and powerful segmentation functionality to reach customers on their mobile devices through in-app messaging and mobile push. Mapp released a new mobile infrastructure which provides marketers with a higher level of performance and a seamless integration process.

Now customers are able to compose rich push notifications and communicate more vivid and dynamic messages. For those brands who need an additional mobile communication method, Mapp offers the tried and tested solution of SMS. The mobile capabilities of Mapp’s cross-channel platform provide another powerful arrow in your marketing quiver.

7. Strengthened integration between Mapp Acquire and Mapp Engage

There is a stronger real-time data stream from Mapp Acquire to Mapp Engage, allowing for a seamless workflow from customer acquisition to engagement. Streaming DMP events to Mapp Engage allows customers to use those events in Mapp’s Whiteboard and Segmentation Builder to target customers who have executed a specific action on your website, such as “Add to basket”, “Purchase”, “Download PDF”, etc.  This integration between the two modules also adds users directly to Mapp Engage without any additional API calls or data imports. For example, in the case of a registration form on your website: a new user can register with their first and last name, email, etc. and is then immediately added to Mapp Engage with its own contact profile.

In addition, Mapp Acquire has an updated Audience Builder. Marketers can build more complex, real-time audiences for Mapp’s Whiteboard that include:

8. Welcomed new brands to the family

The Mapp has grown a lot in 2019. So, to all of our new marketing rebels, an official welcome to you! While we specialize in the Retail, Finance, and Publishing industries, brands from all industries can benefit from Mapp’s digital marketing platform. Here are just some of the amazing customers we welcomed in 2019:

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9. Upgraded email deliverability

As Mapp has a highly reputable email platform, we want to ensure that your email lands in the inbox… every time. Our updated inbox rendering and monitoring makes sure that your message is displayed to recipients in an optimal way to maximize dwell time on emails. Reports and functionality are embedded directly in the workflows across all Mapp platforms.

Inbox rendering verifies that the email designs render well across a huge variety of clients and platforms. You will also get insights about spam performance. Then inbox monitoring, at the time of sending, checks that the campaign has been placed in the audience’s inbox and identifies any deliverability issues.

10. Won a website award

And finally, Mapp’s new website designed by VSSL Agency won the Platinum Award from Hermes Creative Awards! In their own words, Hermes Creative Awards “honors the messengers and creators of traditional and emerging media” and Mapp’s redesigned website falls under the category “Electronic/Social/Interactive Media.” Shoutout to VSSL Agency who helped us create this masterpiece, rebel sheep mascots for the win!


“2019 has been an exciting year for all of us! We’ve redesigned our go-to-market strategy and customer approach, added the great Webtrekk team to our family, and even launched a new product – Mapp Intelligence – to provide even more value to our combined customers. As we head into 2020, we have a tremendous opportunity in front of this company. Our new vision is entirely unique in the marketplace, but our priority remains making marketers successful at their job.”
– Steve Warren, CEO of Mapp