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Year-in-Review: The Best of Mapp in 2020

Kimberly de Silva
Year-in-Review: The Best of Mapp in 2020

So long, 2020! I think we are all relieved to say that this year is finally coming to an end. While 2020 came with a lot of ups and downs for everyone, we want to take a moment to look back on the amazing, exciting, and joyful things that also happened. We’ve put together a year in review to highlight the Best of Mapp 2020.


Take a look at Mapp’s Top 10 highlights of 2020:

1. Released 49 new product features, improvements, and integrations

This year we launched a record number of new releases to all of Mapp’s products with 49 new product updates! Each and every one of these product updates provides marketers with an even greater ability to use Mapp Marketing Cloud effectively, and specifically focused on customer intelligence, marketing analytics, cross-channel marketing, personalization, and automation from a single source. Take a deep dive into all our quarterly product releases here or click on the features below to find out more.

Check out some key features released 2020:

2. Weathered the storm of COVID-19

When the coronavirus hit and countries were going into their first ever lockdowns, businesses were abruptly left with a completely different consumer landscape. No more in-store shopping, no more face-to-face contact, everything had to be online. Digital marketing suddenly wasn’t a “nice to have”, but a “need to have” in order to survive. As a digital marketing platform, we were able to help companies make that shift to a fully digital strategy and help them get to a place where they could thrive again.

Mapp employees also made the swift switch from office work to working from home, never slowing down when it came to providing support to our customers. Many of us actually enjoy working from home! Outside of work, Mappsters also rallied together to help where we could with blood drives, food donations, and community efforts. And, on behalf of our customers, Mapp is making a donation this month to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund!

3. Welcomed new brands to the family

Alongside helping current customers improve their digital marketing strategies, we also facilitated the switch to insight-led marketing for a lot of new customers. We hereby officially welcome you to the Mapp family!

Some of the amazing customers we welcomed in 2020:


4. Introduced our insight-led approach to marketing

Did you know that 58% of marketers still rely on their gut feeling when making marketing decisions? This can be a dangerous route to take; the more options you have to evaluate and the more data you have to weigh, the less you should rely on instinct. It also allows a lot of marketing potential to go unrealized.

It’s time to move from gut-feeling to actionable insights. And we want to help marketers become insight-driven so they can start benefiting from their data and, more importantly, real-time customer insights. With the right strategy and technology in place, marketers can gain valuable, easy-to-interpret insights to optimize their marketing activities – and close the gap between insights and action. Are you ready to make the transition to real customer intelligence?

Move Away from Gut-feeling with Our Whitepaper

5. Won awards for our insight-led customer engagement platform

This year came with external recognitions that let us know we were on the right track with our insight-led approach to marketing:

  • Mapp won a Gold Stevie Award for Intelligence-based User Segments, a solution that makes it seamless to work between analytics and marketing activities within Mapp Marketing Cloud. Mapp was awarded in the category of Sales & Marketing Intelligence Solution of the 17th Annual International Business Awards – known as the Stevie Awards – the world’s only international, all-encompassing business awards program.
  • Mapp was nominated as a finalist in The Drum Awards for the Digital Industries’ (DADIs) Best Tech Platform category. Mapp Marketing Cloud was nominated because of its innovative focus and strategic advantage for marketers. Rather than placing analytics as an add-on, where the main focus is on measuring and analyzing results, Mapp Marketing Cloud puts insights at the core of customer experience.
  • Mapp received an Innovator award that recognizes Mapp Intelligence as a leader of innovation in customer analytics. The award, presented by German business magazine CAPITAL together with the data analysis company Statista, recognizes Mapp as leader in the “Internet, Media & Communication” sector in the category “Companies up to 250 employees.”

6. Founded “Improve Your Marketing”, a free marketing community

Improve Your Marketing (IYM) is a community empowered by Mapp and dedicated to digital experts and marketers from all over the world. It’s an open project we launched where marketers can find hundreds of best practices, provided by the best experts, about customer engagement, personalization, and automation in order to improve strategies and maximize performances. You can save these best practices, create your personalized marketing plan, and share your personal tips with the community. And unlike any other marketing community, it’s free!

Join the IYM community to:

  • Create, build & share your personalized marketing plan
  • Rank and personalize marketing activities in the customer lifecycle
  • Share your own expert tips with the community
  • Be part of an international community of marketers

IYM join now

7. Launched our Global Partner Program

Mapp has always worked closely with partners, but this year we launched a new Partner Program! The partnership is aimed at service providers, agencies, consultants, and resellers in the digital marketing industry, as well as innovative technology companies and software vendors, with the goal of providing joint expertise in customer acquisition and support.

Consulting Partners and Technology Partners gain access to the industry’s most scalable digital marketing solutions. Partners can also add extra functionality to our platform by using our integrations to draw on third-party data, automate tasks, and create unique customer experiences. As a member of our Partner Program, you can grow your own market opportunities while enriching the value of your – and our – offerings.

Become a Partner

8. Opened the Mapp Academy for customers

Mapp Academy is the next generation of training with digitalized content from our experts, making all training easily accessible to Mapp customers at any time. The new online training program, available free of charge, will help marketers use Mapp Cloud to support them in achieving their marketing goals.

Mapp Academy enables customers, partners, and other interested parties to familiarize themselves with the Mapp product portfolio at their own pace and at a time of their choosing. Users have access to practical information conveyed clearly with the help of explanatory videos, animations, quizzes, and other interactive formats. Upon completion of training courses for the individual Mapp modules, users will gain certification.

Enroll at Mapp Academy
(for customers only)

9. Mapp Marketing Cloud truly becomes an open marketing automation platform

In a world where real-time data is key, marketers need to rely on solutions that connect the dots to activate powerful automation and personalize the entire customer journey. We’re excited to unveil our open marketing automation platform which helps companies easily build complex marketing scenarios, act upon contextual data, and execute more effective cross-channel campaigns. Watch our product video to find out more:

Mapp Marketing Cloud’s new automation capabilities, powered by our HTTP connector, allow any external systems to be included in powerful automation workflows set up within Mapp. Send requests to third-party systems and trigger a variety of events based on their responses. As a result, you’ll have more flexibility in the automation and personalization of your marketing activities, based on your existing technology stack.

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