Engage your customers professionally and amicably

Design and execute multi-channel campaigns - all from one central place. Reach your customers more effectively, efficiently and meaningfully via email, social media, and web.

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The road map to customer engagement has arrived

Exporting data and trying to reimport it somewhere else? Setting up templates and messages in several systems just to cover one campaign? Wondering how your campaign is performing?

Stop hopping from one platform to another - the one-stop solution is here. Discover an easy, flexible platform which covers data aggregation, customer segmentation, campaign design, scalable execution and multi-channel orchestration. Our Customer Engagement Platform has a single, intuitive interface to help you get the best results from your campaigns. Now you can leverage all your customer data effectively to drive personalized campaigns and relevant conversations across email, social networks, and the web.

Centralized data management

Centralize data from your paid, owned, and earned channels and target your audience accurately. With deep customer insights and analytics, you can develop appealing messaging that turns prospects into new customers.

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Engaging email marketing

Deliver consistent, on-brand, personalized newsletters using simple, intuitive content management tools. You can show enhanced ROI and gain deep customer insight thanks to accurate delivery and tracking reports.

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Integrated mobile marketing

Talk directly to your customers on the devices they use every day. Leverage the power of SMS, in-app messages and push notifications at the right time, in the right place.

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Dynamic social marketing

Get in touch with individuals across social media using creative content and campaigns - plus you'll be able to monitor conversations and engagement. Easily automate social posts to keep your brand visible.

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Personalized web marketing

Create attractive and personalized landing pages to provide customers with the content they are looking for. You can track every metric to accurately determine the next stage of your customer's journey.

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Multi-channel orchestration

Drive unprecedented personal engagement! Orchestrate fully automated and complex multi-step customer campaigns that will be the benchmark for others. Successfully combine email, social, and mobile to speed up the decision-making process.

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Our Customer Engagement Platform delivers world-class features from a single, central dashboard plus support from a renowned, experienced global team. Using APIs, it's easily integrated with web analytic tools and eCommerce platforms. With a comprehensive overview and increased effectiveness, your marketing campaigns will outperform your older strategies across the board.