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With the quickly evolving digital channels and robust changes in technology, do you ever feel like you are struggling to keep above the quicksand? With this difficult-to-excel digital world comes a dependence on reliable, effective and accurate software that can solve complex problems, offer competitive advantages and drive maximum value to a business. That’s a lot of pressure for companies, brands and ultimately, for software providers.When it comes to buying email marketing software, the option are many. From simple CSS tools that allow you to design your email template, to robust platforms that enable to execute complicated, automated and carefully segmented campaigns. How do you choose? You can rest easy, today we have a list of top features that email marketers should look for when choosing email marketing software.

Why Is It So Important to Have the Right Email Marketing Software In Place?

When compared to social, direct mail and other channels - email has the highest purchase conversion rate at 66%. Marketing technology is largely responsible for the email channel’s effectiveness. 82% of companies use some sort of email marketing software and 75% or more are likely to purchase marketing automation software within the next year. What do companies need to consider when marrying a technology services provider to their overall business and marketing strategy? Fundamental considerations like pricing, email deliverability, usability, scalability and customer support will continue to influence decision making, but what key advantages set one email marketing software apart from another?Just like any relationship, companies must consider the long-term impact the software will have. Companies need to understand customer demands and how the demands of those customers will change, what challenges they need to solve to meet those demands, where the opportunities are, what data is not being used and how the provider can address those issues. The right technology solves this and more.

Just like any relationship, companies must consider the long-term impact #martech will have
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So, what are the top features to look for in an email marketing software to ensure not only a competitive advantage in the marketplace but also to have an immediate impact on key goals?

6 Top Features to Look Into When Buying Email Marketing Software:


The right email marketing software offers major revenue opportunities. Triggered campaigns account for 75% of all email revenue, putting automation at the top of the email marketer's priority list. Automation enables marketers to manage an infinite amount of conversations based on multiple individual events like sign up, registration, purchase, shipping and nurture campaigns. Automated programs also ensure relevant and timely communication and opens the door to the next level of engagement between a company and their customers.

Triggered campaigns account for 75% of all email revenue. #emailmarketing
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Collecting meaningful data, crafting valuable information out of it and delivering a cross channel experience based on that information sets the stage for creating a truly meaningful and personalized customer experience. Personalized email messages improve CTR on average by 14%, conversions by 10% and brands can lift overall customer lifetime value by upwards of 20%. Companies that are adding personalization to their arsenal of tools must consider whether their technology provider can handle the volume, velocity and variety of data that’s needed to create a truly personalized experience.

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It’s been proven time and time again that smaller segmented sends are more effective than larger non-segmented sends. Drilling down on data to display behaviors, demographics, where customers are in the sales funnel, geography, purchase history and habits offers insight that can dramatically increase the relevance of email campaigns. Behavioral data on audience segments provides valuable information that can indicate future purchase habits and predict decision-making patterns. 


The key to unlocking marketing success today is by eliminating the silos in order to assure a cohesive and seamless brand experience for the customer. By leveraging individualized insights from every marketing channel, you can in turn increase engagement and return on investment.To enable successful cross-channel campaigns, your email marketing software should be able to support complimentary digital marketing channels, such as social media, web and mobile. This will allow you to create segmented automated campaigns that are relaying on the full power of all of your owned channels.Email marketing software


A lack of insight into what your customers are doing across multiple platforms and devices causes a major blindspot, which leads to invasive poaching practices and disjointed messaging. A central DMP (Data Management Platform) offers insight into what customers truly care about by aggregating information from social media channels, websites, ad campaigns and other platforms. Most importantly this allows companies to break down silos and deliver integrated channel experiences based on audience consumption and buying habits. This actionable insight lets companies respond in a timely manner through triggered actions, making the digital hub a game changer.


Most basic email marketing service providers offer standard metrics like sales conversion, quantitative/qualitative ROI, performance and testing results. However, advanced technology applications use algorithms that apply data to offer insights for making actual content predictions and decisions. The right analytics knit together this relevant data from various channels to provide an accurate picture of the consumer, enabling marketers to take a proactive, rather than a reactive role.

Automation, segmentation and personalization - what to look for in an #emailmarketing software
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Final Thoughts

Every email marketer has unique needs and goals. While the above features are heavily impacting the email industry today, businesses need to consider whether digital marketing technology can satisfy existing demands but also grow with their needs in the future.Where does your company want to be 5 years from now, and where your competitors be at that time? While solutions need to improve sales, increase the bottom line and maximize ROI, marketers must think ahead and leverage solutions that can predict the habits of the ever changing online buyer.To get a better understanding of what the next generation email marketing software can do for you, reach out to us for a 1:1 consultation.