Cyber Monday

Today is one of the most competitive days of the year for email marketing, with spending over the Black Friday weekend which will run through to Cyber Monday expected to top £4 billion. Cyber Monday also symbolises the gateway to the even more competitive festive season, which makes it especially important to optimise your email marketing while there is still time. At the heart of any successful Cyber Monday strategy is email marketing. Email is still king. Emailing your customer with the latest deals during this period will be one of the strongest tools to increasing sales performance. But in a crowded market, how can you ensure your email marketing strategy is a cut-above the rest, and prevent your offer from landing in the dreaded ‘junk box’?

Here are my top tips for helping you stay ahead of the competition:

Make it personal

While it may seem obvious, personalisation is one of the most important factors of any customer-facing email, and is the best way to maximise customer engagement. Marketers have eight seconds to grab their customer’s attention, so knowing exactly who your customers are, their age, what they purchase and offering a products relevant to them will help to increase ROI you require from an email campaign. As shown below in the results of Myprotein, their Black Friday last year was worth 4 regular Fridays. On Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketers should be taking the time to analyse their data and customer behaviour in order to send targeted emails.

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Determine the best timing

With so many brands competing against each other to provide desirable deals, timing is crucial for any successful email campaign. Brands should closely analyse the response rates of emails to determine when the best time of day is to send an email offer to their customers. Cyber Monday offers are meant for a quick grab and can be sent on the day itself, or a few days before. Sending your offer too early, and your customer could forget about it altogether. Sending your campaign during commuting hours and lunch break tend to lead to stronger click-through rates.

Sending campaign during commuting hours and lunch break tend to lead to stronger click-through rates #CyberMonday
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Choose strong subject lines

Subject lines are the call to action for any email campaign. Weak subject lines and your email will be forgotten and most probably deleted. Brevity is key, short subject lines explaining exactly  what discount is on will grab the reader’s attention, as well as putting a time-limit, for example ‘Only 12 hours to get 50% off’ – this encourages the customer to act fast.

Brevity is key, short subject lines explaining specific discount will grab the reader’s attention #emailmarketing #cybermonday
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Be consistent

Ensure your emails have consistent designs and tones of voice, which are in keeping with the rest of your branding. Your customers need to know instantly that it is your brand emailing. Carelessly changing the personality and aesthetics of your emails is only going to confuse the recipients, especially on a day where their inboxes are going to be clogged with offers from different brands. We suggest developing a template to ensure consistent design in your emails, and you should also consider limiting email formulation to a select team within your brand, in order to regulate your tone of voice.

Provide appealing and relevant images

If used effectively, images can be extremely beneficial to the success of your email marketing, research has also proved that content with images yield a 58% increase in sales. Images are aesthetically pleasing and provide respite from long paragraphs of text. This is especially significant in the context of a Cyber Monday campaign, where consumers are going to be bombarded with deals through numerous channels, and those that don’t stand out from the crowd are going to be forgotten almost instantly.When constructing your emails, you should provide high-quality, dynamic images that allow for a reasonable image/text ratio – you need to be able to explain what it is that you’re offering, especially on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Finally, any images you include must relate to the offer you’re talking about in the email. Double and triple check the relevance of your images; you’d be surprised how many marketers send unrelated information to their target customers, which just results in confusion.

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Test, test and test before the big day

Last but not least, crucial for any email campaign whether it’s for Cyber Monday, Black Friday or the seasonal newsletter – remember to test! A/B split testing provides insight into how to appeal to your audience. You can test how recipients respond to the subject line and content. You could send one-half of a list segment an email with a five-word subject line, while the other half receives the same email, but with a ten-word subject line. You will receive rich insights that will help you to execute a targeted email campaign during this busy festive season. By following the above advice you can ensure your email marketing is optimised, giving you the best chance of standing out from the crowd. However, as with all aspects of marketing, you need to know who it is you’re actually targeting, because an optimised email is no good if it’s going to someone who isn’t interested. Analyse your data thoroughly and use the results to inform your targeting, in order to engage your customers, and ensure that you’re delivering meaningful content to those who want it. Good luck!How is your brand preparing for Cyber Monday? What tips do you have for brands hoping to stand out from the crowd? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. Sign up for digital marketing news and we will keep you posted on more marketing trends and tips.

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