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The personalization platform to boost ROI

Freshrelevance ist eine Plattform zur Personalisierung und Optimierung in Echtzeit, die Kundendaten analysiert und die Customer Experience jedes individuellen Kunden maximiert. Freshrelevance steigert das Engagement geräte- und kanalübergreifend und hilft Marketern, mehr Umsätze zu generieren und die Kundenloyalität auszubauen.

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Data enrichment

Product Recommendations

Triggered Messages (low price alert, back in stock, cart abandonment)


Email blocks (weather, timers, etc.)

Customers please contact your Account Manager to fill out the DMP onboarding form:

For clients that already have DMC system in place, the existing system can be used.
For clients that don’t have DMC system in place, DMC system set up (including domain delegation, deliverability settings etc.) will be part of the integration scope. Group settings for message broadcast (From/Reply handling details) need to be setup be the AM, client or PM Project team will advise on timings and effort of integration when providing project/task documentation.

1. Fresh Relevance provides  Java script code that is placed on all pages on client website. This can be placed through a container tag

2. All website events are tracked through Fresh Relevance

3. Depending on the optimum time for the type of the abandonment, Fresh Relevance sends the API calls to Mapp

4. Mapp sends remarketing emails to customer

Integration on Mapp side:

1. If DMC system for specific client doesn’t exist already, request for DMC system set up is needed. Please follow standard procedure when requesting new system set up (domain delegation, deliverability questionnaire etc.)

2. Once the DMC system is set up, please create the following:
a) API executor – DMC user with role – API user 2 (with sufficient send credits)

b) Group – with From/Reply settings as provided by Client – Please note the Group i.d – this needs to be passed to the technical representative at Fresh Relevance. Currently this can be done through the integration on the website – or speak to Pete Austin – Pete.Austin@freshrelevance.com (is this still current?)

Enter your API details for Mapp incl. the following:
– Channel Name
– Username
– Password
– Group
– Default Prepared Email ID for Cart Abandonment
– Your Mapp DMC System

Click Save

Setup your custom attributes

Create a prepared message ID for the Email
For abandoned basket or browse the content gets passed with this parameter. This could be used ina CMS block or into HTML

Turn on Commen Errors – API Permissions

The remaining setup is configured by Fresh Relevance and the client in the Fresh Relevance portal.
All real time content has HTML that is created by the client in the Fresh Relevance Platform and then dropped into the appropriate campaign.
All placeholders for this content will be inputted into the CMS or HTML by the Client with assistance from a Teradata Account Manager.
Fresh Relevance Set up Details – from their perspective – ESP Content – Setup intructions