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BUILD YOUR BUSINESS ON INSTAGRAM. Drive awareness, increase customers and share your story among a highly engaged audience.

Mit Instagram Advertising können auf der entsprechenden Social Media Plattform unterschiedliche Werbeanzeigen gebucht werden sowie neue und existierende Zielgruppen mit eigenen Inhalten erreicht werden.

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Adding visitors to audiences in real-time

Tagging visitors with additional data in real-time

Tracking clicks on adverts (click tracking)

1. Go to Data Collection and create a new pixel or configure an existing pixel.

2. Go to Configure On-Site page.

3. Add a Custom Event or Custom Success Event label.

4. Add the appropriate conditions for this Custom Event or Custom Success Event pixel to fire.

5. Tick the Select External Pixels box under the Trigger External Pixels (optional) item.

6. Select Custom from the Platform dropdown.

Include the 3rd party pixel URL or JavaScript code into the appropriate box.