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Make Advertising Better

Xandr steht für "Make Advertising Better". Xandr entwickelt effiziente Lösungen für Werbetreibende und Publisher, die durch eine leistungsstarke Technologie und Consumer Insights erfolgreich sein möchten.

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Configuration Procedure:
Click “Activate Integration” to alert our team who will then begin to activate the integration for you.

Once you have confirmed that this process has been initiated, please complete the following steps

1. Create a ‘Network User’ account in Xandr to allow us to initiate setup of the DMP account. Please create a network level user and send the credentials to secure@flxone.com
Email: secure@flxone.com
Username: flxone_<client_name>

2. If you already use the Xandr API then move to Step 3.
If not, please open a support ticket with the title “Request for API Access”. In the body of the support ticket, please include the following information:
– The numeric ID of the user that requires API access
– The billing name and numeric ID of the member under which that user exists
– Please note that access is typically granted within 1-2 business days.

3. In order to push audiences from the Audience Builder to the client’s Xandr account we as a company needs to be authorized to use the Batch Segment API from Xandr. Please send an email to Xandr support to request this access with the following content:
I authorize FlxOne (member id: 1929) to add users to/remove users from segments in my account (member id: <member_id_crimtan>) using the Batch Segment API service.
Please include TMA Account Manager on CC: so we follow the progress.

4. When all these steps are in place, please reach out to the Mapp DMP Support team so we can finalize the integration.