A guide to a successfully integrated email and mobile engagement strategy

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20. Jul 2017 | E-Mail Marketing

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To be truly effective, marketing must be consistent across all relevant channels - especially email, mobile and social - to ensure that each message is communicated to the customer with the right channel. This, however, is often easier said than done. Integrating email and mobile communications is a delicate balance, and marketers must plan carefully to ensure one channel is not cannibalising the other, but that they’re working in tandem to create the right balance of customer engagement. In addition, marketers need to provide a consistent voice and a seamless experience across all channels to preserve brand integrity and increase customer loyalty.

Within this guide, we’ll present the key elements that must be considered when developing a strategy that is delivered via both email and mobile push messaging. We’ll also discuss how to successfully leverage that strategy, allowing marketers to better engage customers and prospect on their terms, at the right time, and through the right channel.