How Infinity Converts Leads and Increases Customer Engagement

  • Customer Engagement

02. Jun 2017 | Multichannel-Kampagnenmanagement

Case Study

Infinity is an Italian video streaming provider that transforms their customers’ cinematic dreams into reality. As the primary on demand streaming service in Italy, Infinity offers access to a rich catalogue of movies, TV shows, fictions, cartoons, blockbusters and more. Customers can stream Infinity content anytime, anywhere, via any device, including PC, Mac, Android Tablet, iPad, Smart TV, Play Station, Xbox, Decoder, Blu-Ray, Chromecast Stick and Smartphone.

The company wanted to offer connected, relevant experiences via various devices for each customer and prospect. With Mapp's Customer Engagement Platform, Infinity has implemented an effective, automated multichannel and multi-step marketing strategy in order to engage and re-engage their users. By adopting a more customer-centric perspective and putting email, mobile and social at the core of its marketing, Infinity has seen significant improvement in engagement, lead conversion, and customer interaction.