Why do you need a Data Management Platform (DMP) and how to get started

  • Data Management

15. Mai 2017 | Daten-Management


With so many marketing channels available, you face a growing challenge: How to deliver the right message at the right time through the right channel? To achieve this effectively, you need to leverage all your data to understand your customers and drive your digital marketing strategy. Using a data management platform (DMP), you can maximize the effectiveness of your marketing spend.

There are many different definitions of data management platforms (DMP) today. According to Mapp, a DMP is a central data platform that: 1) collects data, 2) unifies digital data sources and 3) segments this data into audiences and finally activates them across your multi marketing channels. Data management platforms put the user in a centralized place to power the customer experience management of your digital marketing strategy.

Matthijs Keij, Market Leader DMP at Mapp, and Kim van der Zande, Head of Mapp's Center of Excellence DMP, explain what a DMP is and give tips for getting started. Watch the video and learn why you need a DMP and hear the first steps to you'll need to take to start.