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Multi-channel marketing forces us all to wear multiple hats. With Mapp Cloud, you can become the Master & Commander of all your marketing efforts. Our suite of integrated marketing solutions helps marketers save time and money.

Data aggregation and data management, customer segmentation, engaging email marketing, integrated mobile marketing, dynamic social marketing, campaign design, personalized web marketing, scalable execution and multi-channel orchestration – all in an intuitive and flexible platform to help you get the best results for your campaigns. 

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Data Management made easy.

Mapp Customer Engagement Platform - Data Management Platform (DMP)

Collecting, matching and then actually using customer data from ALL your marketing channels through a Data Management Platform is key to successful customer engagement. Mapp DMP integrates your data with the major advertising and marketing platforms.


Marketing automation with a click.

Mapp Customer Engagement Platform - Marketing automation

The Segmentation Builder and an Automation Whiteboard within Mapp Cloud can help you capture customers that show intent to buy but fall through the cracks of your CRM. See how you can build automation flows to nurture leads that will become high value customers.

Using the right marketing insights.

Mapp Customer Engagement Platform - Email, SMS, mobile push

Email, SMS or mobile push? Send personalized messages via the most appropriate channel. Remain interesting, relevant and timely to stand out from the noise ensuring that WHEN consumers are ready to make a purchase - YOUR brand is at the top of their mind.


Audience segmentation helps you win.

Mapp Customer Engagement Platform - Audience segmentationMapp Customer Engagement Platform - Audience segmentation

Consumers are more likely to remain engaged if they receive relevant messages that are tailored especially for them. We reach target audiences via premium publisher networks and make sure to segment data on the way in – from the first engagement. 



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