Unified multi-channel campaign management with Mapp

With so many ways of reaching out to customers, multi-channel campaign management is more essential than ever. Find out how Mapp can help.

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Multi-channel campaign management: the keys to marketing success all in one place

In today's digital world, companies have a wide variety of ways to connect with current and potential customers. Of course, the challenge that arises from having so many marketing tools lies in finding a way to effectively combine them to maximize potential, profit, and efficiency. With our consultants by your side, that challenge becomes a piece of cake!

Seamlessly combine a range of platforms

Why choose between connecting with and updating your customers via email, social media, SMS, apps or videos when you can utilise them all in a joined-up way? Our services offer a comprehensive, sophisticated and easy-to-use method of streamlining campaign management. Spend less time working and get even greater results.

We'll customise your email newsletters so that each current customer or potential lead has an individualised experience. For example, if you have collected data from your customer’s social media usage – i.e. the types of videos they watch or the links that they click on – that data can be assessed to determine which items in your product range best suits their needs. Then, when they receive their next newsletter or are shown their next banner ad, it will feature products selected specifically for them.

Multi-channel marketing made easy with Mapp

It doesn’t matter what your current level of marketing sophistication is, we will be able to use our marketing and campaign management expertise to help create a seamless customer journey. Better, more relevant messaging on channels people like to view can only help your customer retention as well as acquisition. Step into the future with Mapp and watch your business soar!