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Have you seen how seamless Mapp's direct mail is?
Watch this 1 minute video!
Watch this 1 minute video!
Introducing Direct Mail from Mapp Cloud (watch the video). Complement your marketing strategy with automated offline communications like letters, postcards, and flyers. Use direct mail to:
  • Convert prospects into customers
  • Win back inactive contacts
  • Foster one-to-one relationships
  • Cross sell and upsell current customers

How Can You Benefit from Adding Direct Mail to Your Marketing Mix?

Get Around Low Email Deliverability

Email wasn’t opened? Didn’t capture email addresses? Let these moments trigger direct mail, so that you can reach your customer nonetheless.

Enrich Customer Profiles with Offline Data

With high conversion rates of 4 - 10%, direct mail responses will get funneled back into your data hub, generating additional customer insights.

Increase Loyalty with Personalized Mailings

Trigger highly personalized offers and discounts for special events like birthdays while simultaneously reducing effort through automation.

Increase the Longevity of Your Campaign

Direct mail is kept in a household for an average of 17 days and is likely to be seen by more than one person, often passed along to family.

Leverage Print to Close the Sale

Remind customers of their abandoned basket with a personal mailing that showcases what they are missing out on.

Reactivate Valuable Customers

Reach out to valuable customers with this new channel and encourage them to return with personalized direct mail that includes products they may like.

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