La CDP que pone los datos por delante

Tealium es el líder en soluciones de orquestación de datos de clientes en tiempo real y administración de etiquetas empresariales. Conectamos datos para que tú puedas conectar con tus clientes.

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Configuración de Mapp Intelligence a través de Tealium

Webtrekk Tag

Global Configuration

Page-specific Configuration including Predefined Parameters

Adding a Custom Destination

Configuring Mapp Intelligence in Tealium

The Webtrekk Web Analytics Data Warehouse offers a fast real-time segmentation engine based on raw data worldwide. Tealium enables you to easily implement and manage Webtrekk’s JavaScript tag with Tealium iQ. With wizard-driven integration, you can create loading rules to determine when and where to trigger this supplier. In addition, Tealium iQ’s data mapping feature allows you to control which data points are shared with that supplier.

Learn how to use information from Webtrekk in the Tag Manager of Tealium.

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