Smart Alerts

Smart Alerts – Automatic Monitoring of Important Metrics and Dimensions

Receive a notification whenever Mapp discovers significant changes in your data
Your most important metrics will be monitored for spikes and drops. The metrics are not only observed as a whole, but also broken down by the most important dimensions, e.g. by country, traffic source or device class.

All relevant metrics and dimensions are automatically supervised with the help of artificial intelligence. Smart alerts provide you and your team with the distinct advantage of not having to search for irregularities yourselves, but of being actively alerted to them as soon as they occur. This leaves more time for detailed data analysis and optimization of online marketing activities and strategies.

Smart Alerts include:

  • The system continuously monitors both the metrics and the characteristics of individual dimensions
  • Email alerts whenever we detect irregularities with your most important metrics and dimensions within two hours after a spike or drop
  • Customization – choose a metric, a dimension and alert frequency of hourly or daily. Adjust filters and the sensitivity level for alerts according to your specifications
  • Cross-account feed to monitor all your accounts at once

Easy to Set Up & Customize:

Smart Alerts are easy to configure within Mapp Intelligence – choose a metric and dimension (optional) and trust that you’ll be notified when an anomaly is found. It couldn’t be easier. We also provide you with predefined Smart Alerts which you can use out of the box.

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