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Audience Streams

Audience Streams – Transfer your user segments and your data to third-party systems in real-time for successful remarketing.

Live remarketing with first-party data

With Audience Streams, you can merge data from websites, apps, email, and your CRM to create personalized remarketing campaigns. Create all segments in one place. You can transfer clustered audiences to remarketing tools and data management platforms in real-time to use them for 100% data-based targeting.

You can continually decide which data you want to use and activate for your advertising campaigns. The advantage is you avoid the need for third-party tag implementation, which protects the privacy of your visitors while preventing uncontrolled outflow of data to third-party systems.

The Benefits of Audience Streams:

  • No external tracking tags required
  • Configure target groups directly within Mapp
  • Complete data sovereignty – information stays anonymous and can be clustered into target groups
  • Easy data enrichment with Mapp, for example, enrich website data with e-mail marketing and CRM systems
  • No time-consuming exports of remarketing lists to third-party platforms
  • Data economy – decide how much information you want to share with external platforms
  • Use Mapp Predictions to identify and reach promising target groups.

Audience Streams empowers you to create effective remarketing segments without losing control of your most valuable resource: your data.

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