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Going Beyond Digital
With Direct Mail

Enrich your cross-channel marketing with Direct Mail. Connect your online and offline marketing activities by leveraging print communications to build end-to-end, 100% automated and personalized experiences for your customers.

Reaching Your Offline Customers

Reaching Your Offline Customers

Introducing Direct Mail from Mapp Marketing Cloud (watch the video). Complement your marketing strategy with automated offline communications like letters, postcards, and flyers. Use Direct Mail to:
  • Convert prospects into customers
  • Win back inactive contacts
  • Foster one-to-one relationships
  • Cross sell and upsell current customers

Personalizing Print Communications

From creation to response, manage your entire message orchestration with Mapp Marketing Cloud’s Marketing Automation. Personalize it with vouchers, barcodes, or text and build advanced automated workflows with campaigns that trigger the right direct mail at the right time. Funnel responses back into your unified data, benefiting from more conversions and enriching customer profiles.

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Personalizing Print Communications
Getting to the Mailbox

Getting to the Mailbox

Mapp has partnered with optilyz, a leader in programmatic print. Through the fully automated integration, marketers can build event-triggered mailings that have significantly more impact than mass send outs. Choose from different print formats and benefit from a dispatch network across European postal services.

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