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Your data shines with Mapp Intelligence, powered by Webtrekk. Mapp Intelligence delivers reliable, scalable and dashboard-driven insights. The tool reveals new perspectives and lets you act on it immediately.


A marketing analytics platform designed for e-commerce, publishers and lead-based businesses. Get to know your audience in detail and optimize your site and your campaigns based on your insights.

  • Quick set-up with a streamlined tag
  • Over 20 pre-configured dashboards built by our in-house experts
  • Predictive analytics (CLV, Conversion, and Churn Probabilities)
  • AI-based segments for deeper insights (e.g. products and content preferences)
  • Use Audience Stream to reach your users with personalized messages, special offers, and smart discounts at exactly the right time
“We have chosen Mapp for its analytics and customer intelligence features, that allow us to collect customer, website and digital campaigns’ performance data. We’ll leverage the increasing marketing automation functionalities aiming at a more and more personalized communication with our customers, in order to always offer them an outstanding customer experience.”
- Matteo Bertini Vice Director
Media4commerce (Gruppo Mediaset) Business Unit

Mapp Intelligence
Is Fully Customizable

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