Supercharge your Shopify eCommerce revenue with #1 Insight-led Customer Experience platform

With the Shopify plugin, you can now connect all your eCommerce data to Mapp Cloud to gain actionable customer insights and activate them across your marketing channels to create meaningful, targeted consumer experiences.

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Mapp Cloud value for eCommerce Brands

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Having Mapp Cloud integrated with Shopify+ in real-time has allowed us to gain a full 360 degree view of our customers and subscribers. By combining transactional, onsite behavioral, and user preference data, we were able to truly personalize our multi-channel communications across web, email, mobile & paid media. This creates a powerful customer experience while increasing retention and revenues from these channels.
Emily Abbotts | Digital Marketing Services Manager

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Benefits for Shopify customers

Mapp Cloud solution offers strong benefits to Shopify brands, including:

  • Real-time Web Behaviour Tracking
  • Unified Customer Profile
  • Advanced drag & drop Segmentation
  • Cross-channel Delivery
  • Customer Analytics & Insights
  • Dashboarding & KPI Alignment

Key Mapp Cloud Capabilities For Your Business

Customer Data Synchronisation

All your data, unified in one place, in real-time.

  • Contact & Order Data: All customer & order data are automatically transferred to Mapp Cloud
  • Transform inbound data with Custom Mapping and ETL features

E-Commerce Analytics

You can have access to your pre-configured and custom dashboards to start analyzing user behaviour right away. These dashboards are easily scalable and offer an abundant possibility to customize and extend the analyses.

  • Cross-channel attribution: Visualize the revenue attribution across all your marketing channels
  • Product Analytics: Discover product trends and the impact individual products and product categories have on the overall customer loyalty

Customer Insights

Gain in-depth knowledge of your customers and their behaviour in your shop. Follow your users and find the quickest path to conversion.

  • Insights: Find Customer Insights and gain additional knowledge about your customers
  • Dashboards: Easy-to-understand dashboards for in-depth analysis
  • Funnel: E-commerce journey and funnel visualisations

AI & Predictions

Act upon real-time smart notifications and predict what your customers are going to do next with Mapp's AI capabilities

  • AI: Real-time predictions for likelihood to churn or convert in session
  • Notifications: Get smart alerts if any anomaly is detected by the system

Omni-Channel Campaigns

Sync your customer data and configure real-time or scheduled campaigns including:

  • Real-Time Triggers: Abandoned Cart, Abandoned Browse, Loyalty
  • Recurring & Scheduled Programs: Birthday, Post Purchase Reviews, Product Launches
  • Multi-Channel: Email, SMS, Mobile Push, Web Push, and more

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This extension enables a seamless integration between your online shop and Mapp Cloud. Once active, you can unify all customer data in Mapp’s marketing cloud, begin to send targeted omni-channel communications, and get access to deep customer insights.

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