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Mapp Marketing Cloud Update
Special Edition

Open Marketing Automation Platform

Modern marketers are empowered to unleash their capabilities.

Mapp Marketing Cloud’s new automation capabilities, powered by our HTTP connector, allow third-party systems to be included in your automation workflows. You can build powerful and custom marketing automation by sending requests to external systems via API calls and trigger a variety of events across multiple channels and applications. Our low-code and bi-directional solution offers marketers a seamless and effective experience to build even more personalized customer journeys.

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Feature Benefits

Achieve more in less time, with better results.

Marketers spend so much time taming the technology instead of focusing on what they are best at: executing big ideas and strategies. With this new feature, you can automate the communication between all your marketing technology tools to shape your data flow and get that time back for more meaningful tasks.

Deliver personalized engagement with contextual data.

By connecting all your systems, you can integrate contextual data and behavior-based optimizations to your workflows and deliver more consistent, personalized experiences to all types of leads. This will ultimately result in a positive impact on the revenue.

Centralize marketing efforts and launch seamless automations.

Our open platform empowers marketers to easily jump from one task to another without having to move in and out of siloed systems. With API-based systems connected with Mapp Marketing Cloud, workflows can strategically be orchestrated so that productivity, impact, and the customer journey are optimized.
Solve for these business challenges:
Build one-to-one personalization with real-time, user-specific information

Retrieve the information you need from external sources to enrich your messages. Create more relevant content for your customers and increase the performance of your marketing flows. You can even benefit from external recommendation engines.

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Align your team’s tools and automatically act upon specific events

Marketers can act upon any type of “alert” by connecting all the tools they use on a daily basis, such as Zapier, Magento, and IFTTT. It’s ideal for when you want to take an action based on something that happened or is happening. For example, if you have a path where new customers sign up, you could trigger a tweet welcoming them. Or on an internal level, it could be used to generate lead alerts for high-value customers.

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Enable two-way interactions with your business tools

Send the information you collect with Mapp Marketing Cloud to your business tools (e.g. unsubscriptions, bounces, conversions, etc.) and get instant information from your external applications. You can use this information in your workflow to filter the customer journey based on real-time interactions.

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Integrate external channels in Mapp workflows

Add external channel leads to your Mapp Marketing Cloud email lists and trigger a message for them. This can be a two-way street, as you can also trigger a message from Mapp Marketing Cloud to your non-native external channels when a specific event occurs. Our open automation platform supports more complex scenarios as well, such as adding rows to a database and then triggering a bulk action when certain criteria are met.

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