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The Summer Update has been released and with it 16 new features. Check it out!

Learn more about the product updates in our product webinar.
New Marketing Channel: Web Push

Start creating and delivering personalized web push messages in real-time based on user interactions on your website – without the need for an email address. Web push is a highly cost-effective channel and will complement your cross-channel marketing strategy to address upselling, cart abandonment, and a wide range of other engagement opportunities.

  • Web Push is a powerful activation tool early in the conversion funnel.
  • Remind visitors of their abandoned basket and push them back to your website.
  • Re-engage your users with customized and relevant content.
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Analytics API for Mapp Intelligence

Let Mapp’s new Analytics API for Mapp Intelligence calculate ad-hoc analyses and programmatically retrieve the results. The API gives you access to all the powerful functionalities of Mapp Intelligence and allows you to build your own applications and solutions on top of it. This enables very tight integration with eCommerce and content management systems, data visualization tools, and the like.

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Mapp Intelligence Updates
  • Flutter Support for Mapp Intelligence SDK
    The Mapp Intelligence App Tracking Library now supports Flutter, the popular cross-platform SDK from Google.
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  • Shopify Plugin for Mapp Marketing Cloud
    It is now easier than ever to integrate our tracking into your Shopify Shop to keep track of all your eCommerce events and data.
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  • Node.js Support for Server-to-Server Tracking
    Mapp Intelligence now provides a Node.js library for server-to-server tracking as a reliable source for sophisticated tracking at an enterprise level.
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  • Goals in Forecasts
    Add a target date to your forecasts in Mapp Intelligence. This will give you an idea of how your KPIs will develop in the future and if you'll reach your target in time.
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  • New Smart Notifications
    You can now receive notifications on newly tracked referrers, campaigns, products, and pages.
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  • Report UI Improvements
    We’re optimizing your workflow with several new options in the report view. Additionally, renamed metrics and dimensions make it even more convenient for you to interpret your collected data.
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Mapp Engage Updates
New Navigation Bar for Mapp Engage

Check it out: The Mapp Engage navigation menu just got a facelift! Our UI & UX teams combined customer feedback with the latest industry standards to offer a more intuitive navigation menu. It is easier to navigate, shines with a simplified search, and leaves more time to get work done.

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Additional improvements
  • Preview: Product Recommendations
    We rebuilt our product recommendation functionality, and it’s ready for a test drive: Include personalized product recommendations across all your communications channels by storing them directly in the customer profile. Increase your average basket size using Mapp’s AI-powered algorithms to recommend highly relevant products for your customers. Or import your own recommendations from an external source.
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  • API-based Triggers for Marketing Automation Whiteboard
    You can now trigger your marketing automation workflows with a simple API call, enabling tailored custom integrations in your technology stack.
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  • Shopware Connector
    Integrate your Shopware-based eCommerce business with Mapp Engage. Synchronize user attributes between Mapp and Shopware, trigger transactional emails, or add customers to your mailing list.
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  • New Label Options for Segmentation Builder & Whiteboard
    Reusing Selections is now even easier and faster thanks to new label options available in the Mapp Engage Segmentation Builder and Whiteboards.
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  • Additional Selection Groups
    In addition to "Any group" and "Specific group", the "Group category" condition can now be added to your selections in Mapp Engage.
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  • Transactional Emails for Multi-Brand Customers
    We have made our data model more flexible and extended our API to improve the support for multi-brand customers. We also added the tools to show this data sorted by brand in transactional emails.
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  • Archiving for Whiteboard and Segmentation Builder
    Archive your Whiteboards and Selections for later use. They will be out of your way, giving you a cleaner interface, but can be reactivated whenever necessary.
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  • Release Notes
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