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A warm welcome to the Winter Update 2022!
Check out all 15 features that were just released!

Google Ads Integration for Mapp Intelligence

Enjoy the convenience of visualizing your complete Google Ads data in Mapp Intelligence, giving you the best possible insights on your campaign performance. The data available via the integration includes ad type, clicks, impressions, and costs.

  • Automatic tracking and synchronization for all your Google Ads campaigns
  • Fully automated import of all your costs into your predefined cost metrics
  • Create a complete overview on campaign performance of all your advertising channels by combining costs data from several advertisers into one view
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AI-based "Topics of Interests" for Customer Segments

Want to know what your customers are interested in so you can send them the most relevant content or recommended products? If your customers have shown interest in the topic “real estate” in the past, they surely will also be interested in smart financing solutions. Mapp’s AI is here to help and will suggest matching content for you to add into your marketing communication.

  • Enter a “Topic of Interest” and our AI will select all your customers that are interested in it, based on their previous engagement.
  • The AI keeps the full overview over your content when it’s too vast for you to remember everything – this is especially convenient for publishers with a fast turnaround time for content.
  • When there is a lack of data reflecting the interests of a contact, this new feature allows to alternatively create segments based on the sort of content they were previously interested in.
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Mapp Intelligence Updates
  • Analytics API Enhancements
    After releasing Intelligence API in the Summer Update, this updated version allows you to request a list of all available metrics, dimensions, and formulas.
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  • UI and UX Improvements
    The Mapp Intelligence interface has undergone a few tweaks and improvements. Enjoy improved readability, a new tooltip design, and much more.
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  • All custom parameters supported in pivot table
    This one goes out to our power users! Pivot table-based analyses now support all custom parameter types, including parameters with multiple values.
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  • Multi-Factor Authentication
    The Mapp Intelligence login has undergone a security update, making it possible to request Multi-Factor Authentication across whole organizations.
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  • Mapp Marketing Cloud Debugger
    Tired of tedious tracking debugging? Let the new browser plugin do it for you! It helps you to debug your website implementation and lets you visualize the tracking requests in the most convenient way.
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  • Integration for VTEX
    Integrate your online shops with our eCommerce partner VTEX. Set up the tracking for your web shop directly from the VTEX app store – no coding skills required.
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  • Data Streams Monitoring
    The new "monitoring" tab in the Data Streams interface directly shows you the individual performance for each of your streams, making it easy to identify any hiccups.
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  • Marketing Automation Improvements
    Just like the rest of Mapp Intelligence, Marketing Automation now shows the last time your data was updated in the bottom right corner.
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Mapp Engage Updates
  • Anonymized Tracking Option for Email
    Set up a preference center for your subscribers and allow them to opt-out from email engagement tracking.
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  • Whiteboard AMP Automation
    AMP emails are now available in Mapp's automation whiteboard, making it significantly easier to deliver interactive content along the customer journey.
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  • Improved Segmentation List Building
    Save time while creating segments by simply choosing multiple filter values, separated by a separator of your choice.
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  • Improved Error Reporting for Whiteboard Imports
    Whiteboard imports now let you know if files from other systems are failing to import correctly, making it easier to spot these errors.
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  • Flutter Support for Mapp Engage SDK
    The Mapp Engage App Tracking Library now supports Flutter, the popular cross-platform SDK from Google.
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  • Release Notes
    Benefit from our documentation, where we provide you with detailed information about newly released products and features.
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