On-demand webinar: How to Ensure Your Business is Customer Obsessed


Consumer facing brands are at the forefront of customer experience, in fact they are customer obsessed. And with the UK consumer spending rising above pre-pandemic levels for the first time in 2021, they are clearly doing something right.  So, what can we learn from these brands about how to deliver a meaningful customer experience to drive purchases and user engagement? 

Mapp has already helped many successful brands such as Vivienne Westwood, Argos, The Entertainer, PepsiCo, Dolce & Gabbana, Lloyds Banking Group, Geox and many more, to turbo-charge their strategies. 


Here’s what Mapp and Masterclassing covered: 

  • A deep dive on what consumer-facing brands are doing well, with actionable tips and tricks 
  • What strategy improvements have proven to deliver the most success? 
  • How to create a tailored, insight-led customer experience at scale 
  • How customer obsession can lead to deeper insights, and how to feed these into your CDP