On-demand webinar: Marketing for D2C featuring PepsiCo


Marketing for D2C: Have Mapp Got News for You

Direct to Consumer (D2C or DTC) is often discussed as a new trend that manufacturers are looking to take advantage of. According to a study by Barclays, over 70% of UK manufacturers are looking to develop a D2C proposition in 2021. In reality, direct to consumer is where commerce originally began. Manufacturers looking to take advantage of D2C channel should be focusing on the core values that this distribution channel brings, rather than just trying to mimic the tactics and strategies applied by Multi-channel and eCommerce retailers.

Here’s what we covered:

  • Opportunities for D2C brands
  • Approaches and go-to-market strategies for D2C
  • D2C marketing tactics to enable meaningful customer experiences


Jeroen Heslenfeld, Head of Unwasted at PepsiCo, for their take, as well as some tips, on launching a D2C brand during Covid-19.

Watch this webinar to hear about all things D2C, from go-to-market strategies to tactics to enabling meaningful customer experiences.