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Certification Levels

Demonstrate your knowledge by taking the Mapp Intelligence Certification Exam. The tests consist of multiple choice. Generally, there are three possible answers of which only one is correct.

At least 70% of the questions have to be answered correctly for passing all tests.


Proves your knowledge of handling the user interface, creating reports and understanding basic key metrics and analyses.



In addition to the Basic certificate, prove conceptual understanding of advanced methods of analysis.



Proves in-depth knowledge of all areas of Mapp Intelligence.




Including knowledge contained within the Master certificate, you also prove to have additional knowledge in the area of data collection and data collection concept development.

How much does it cost?

If you participate in a workshop there is no charge for the exam.


Frequently Asked Questions


Does the certificate expire?

No, but we recommend you keep your training up to date to make sure you’re aware of any recent changes, new products or simply to deepen your knowledge.

How long does it take to get the results back?

You’ll see the results as soon as you finish the test.


How long is test?

Basic: 30 Minutes, Advanced: 60 Minutes, Master: 90 Minutes, Admin: 180 Minutes. You cannot pause the test once you start.