On-Location Training


Knowledge is Power


We offer tailored, online training and workshops – all based on your Webtrekk account and your team’s skill level.

Whether you have a whole team to train or only one person, we will customize a training package accordingly.
Long & Short-Term
Depending on what’s going on with your organization you might like to consider ongoing training for your teams
Get Certified
Let us help you take your skills to the next level – whether you’re a customer or a partner, we’ll get you there.


Custom Training Packages for All Situations

Ongoing Training
Many of our customers book ongoing training – on-location or as online training – with our training team. With formal training, they keep their company knowledge at a high standard, plus onboard new employees quickly.

  • Training on a regular basis to train new employees
  • Advanced training for advanced Mapp Intelligence practitioners
  • We develop individual training plans for different target groups
  • Offer varied certification levels (Basic to Admin) to ensure knowledge acquisition
Separate Workshops
Basics, User Interface, Analysis or Implementation – we will put together the best training session for you.

  1. Workshops are customized and are available in English, German, Italian and Spanish
  2. Generally, workshops run one or two days per workshop
  3. Take the exam without extra cost: when you book a workshop, we waive the certification fee.


Training gives you the confidence you need to excel at your job

Like any other business software, in order to get the most value out of it, in-depth knowledge and regular training is essential.

Our trainers have many years of experience and can help you move forward. We’re ready and willing to share our knowledge and help you to become a Mapp Intelligence master!


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a Mapp Intelligence customer to book a workshop?
Yes, it’s ideal if you are working with Mapp Intelligence. However, if your organization is not yet a customer but is considering becoming a customer, we can potentially help, in which case please contact us via the form above.

Should we buy a Consulting Package or Training Package – what do you recommend?
Training Packages are best used when you are first starting with Mapp Intelligence and when new team members join your organization. Consulting is not so much for training because consulting requires you to have a basic understanding of Mapp Intelligence so we can tackle more advanced themes. We certainly recommend that every new customer buys a Consulting Package for implementation of Mapp Intelligence to prevent hiccups later and ensure smooth implementation – with a Consulting Package your organization can minimize time wasting during the set-up process. More info about consulting here (link).

What training is free and what is paid?
The training materials on our Support Center website and Technical Implementation guides are all freely accessible, plus we offer regular Free Online Training sessions (book here). Customized training and workshops are all billable packages that are priced according to your organizational needs. Contact us to find out more about prices (you might be surprised how good the rates are).

I’m already using Mapp Intelligence but don’t think I’m using it properly, should I book individual training or is the free training enough?
If you’re concerned you aren’t using the tool properly you should definitely join our Free Online Training every week until you get to a skill level that makes these sessions too easy for you (book here). If you find you are not learning what you want to learn via free training and our website, we certainly recommend individual training – contact us via the form above and we can give you a cost estimate that you can give to your manager if you need to request training budget.