Customer Engagement Platform demo video: Data Management Platform

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28. Jul 2017 | Gestion de données


Data Management Platform (DMP)

It saves you a lot of time and money to exactly know who your customer is and what he is interested in. Collecting, matching and then implementing those customer data insights from multiple marketing channels through a Data Management Platform, or DMP, is key for a high customer engagement rate.

Our Data Management Platform is a web platform that makes it very easy to capture customer data through tags on your website. You can customize the tags, build custom reports or import and use existing data via the customer engagement platform and directly synchronize it with the online marketing platforms you want to use it in.

With our Data Management Platform you are able to compare your freshly generated custom audience with your quality leads and then generate a lookalike audience to find potential new customers. Our real time dashboard shows you, either live or as a report, how your digital marketing campaign and customer engagement strategy is performing. Our Data Management Platform enables you to create a consistent customer experience across all digital marketing channels.

Watch this demo video now to see how to keep your customer engaged!