Mapp Partners with Magento to Power Individualization in eCommerce Marketing

    15. May 2017 | Engagement client

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    Online shopping

    It’s getting hard for ecommerce companies to keep shoppers engaged with their online stores. Mapp partnered with Magento to enable digital marketers to draw on ecommerce store data and historical customer data to deliver individualized digital messages based on a consumer’s online store activity.

    As ecommerce sales continue to grow worldwide, so does the volume of digital messages retailers are sending in an effort to keep shoppers engaged with their online stores.

    Leveraging Magento with Mapp's Customer Engagement Platform helps marketers take full advantage of valuable ecommerce and customer interaction data to more accurately target digital messages and reach the right audiences with highly individualized messages to increase customer engagement.

    Download the guidebook and increase your impact and value with targeted and individualized messaging to increase customer engagement!