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Magento est une plateforme moderne de commerce en ligne avec un écosystème open-source.

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Intégration Ecommerce

The Magento M2 eCommerce platform synchronizes Magento data sets with Mapp Engage for use in behavior-targeted marketing campaigns. Magento data sets can be data on customers, subscribers, or orders, for example.

This synchronization helps streamline customer communication to improve customer experience and satisfaction, turn occasional buyers into long-term customers, and ultimately to secure and increase sales.

Configuration Procedure

1. Download Mapp Connect Add-On here

PHP Package

2. To install, use:
composer require mappconnect/magento2-module then bin/magento setup:upgrade

3. Settings (tab)​
To set up connection with Mapp Connect go to Stores > Configuration > Mapp Connect > Settings.
Choose for which website or store or store view enable the connection from Store view Menu.

Magento integration supports multiple site mapping.

Website A Store A1 Store View A1A Add-On ID 1
Each website of the Magento App is linked to a specific Add-On ID (either in a single or in multiple Engage instances).
Mapp Cloud Extension in Magento is installed globally. Configuration is applied for each Website including an API Authentication per Website (linked to a dedicated Add-On ID in Engage).

Store View A1B

Store A2 Store View A2A
Website B Store B1 Store View B1A Add-On ID 2

Store View B1B
Website C Store C1 Store View SV Add-On ID 3


4.Setup General Configuration

Module Enable: YES

Mapp Connect API URLs:

L3 cluster: https://jamie.g.shortest-route.com/charon/api/v1/

EMC cluster: https://jamie.h.shortest-route.com/charon/api/v1/

EMC-US cluster: https://jamie.c.shortest-route.com/charon/api/v1/


5. Integration Configuration

Integration Enable: YES

Integration ID: generated in Mapp Connect Add-on (as above)

Integration Secret: generated in Mapp Connect Add-on (as above)


6. Synchronization configuration

Turn on or off which data should be imported to Mapp Engage.


7. Mapp Engage Group Configuration

By default with every new add-on created in Mapp Connect a connected 3 groups are created:


To change group pick one from the list and click Save Config button.
To use default groups choose the option Use system value