Vertically Challenged? Problem Solved.

While any business can benefit from Mapp Cloud, our technology is really good at helping these three verticals drive customer engagement.


Retail today is not an establishment, it’s an experience. And the more you impact people’s experience, the more you impact conversions. Mapp Cloud helps retailers provide a seamless digital-first customer experience that blows competition out of the water.

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“Retail is a fast moving business and engaging with customers with the right campaign messages at the right time is crucial.

When our digital team have questions or encounter problems, they need an immediate response. With Mapp, we get it.”

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Travel & Hospitality

Customer loyalty is the holy grail of travel & hospitality marketing. Consumers look for the best prices and experiences, without attaching themselves to a single company. Mapp Cloud’s personalized customer engagement helps travel businesses deliver relevant and meaningful messages that foster brand loyalty.

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"We can now send communications and have conversations based on the most recent customer information.

Our campaign creation turnaround time has gone down from 5 days to 4 hours and will be reduced to 5 minutes through continued improvements.”


Consumer Packaged Goods

Why let your distributors reap all the benefits of your customer data? Mapp Cloud helps CPG brands regain control of their data and uncover who their customers are by compiling disparate data points into comprehensive customer profiles.

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Pepsi can

“There is no doubt Mapp Digital's marketing technology helps our brand stand out in an increasingly noisy digital world.

Since 2017, the Mapp team continues to help us reach our potential by creating meaningful, human connections and lasting engagements with our customers.”

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