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Mapp Innovate 2024 Video Recap Series

Mapp Innovate was held at RSA House in London, welcoming a host of thought leaders for an event filled with compelling discussions, including:

  • Episode 1: Khan White from PBSL
  • Episode 2: Katherine Jones from Farrow & Ball
  • Episode 3: Stefano Motta from Class Editori and Andrea Esengrini from Softlab
  • Episode 4: Connor Gould from Cadbury
  • Episode 5: Katie King, Author and AI expert

The topic was all things AI and personalization, and kicking off our Innovate 2024 video series is Khan White from PBSL. We’ll be releasing a video each week, so stay tuned for the next update in the series!

Plus, a big thanks to our partners and sponsors:

Want to see more? Download the PDF presentations here:

Khan White from PBSL - Unlocking Customer Insights: From Data to Action for Enhanced Loyalty

Khan highlighted how PBSL successfully turned actionable insights into customer understanding by effectively integrating phone, brand, and web data. Learn how to drive customer loyalty through targeted strategies and personalized experiences.