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Antavo Loyalty Management Platform

Antavo Loyalty Management Platform

Antavo is a no-code, API-centric enterprise software to build customer relationships through next-generation loyalty programs wherever they are: online, in-store or on the go.

Antavo is an API-centric and no-code loyalty technology provider that builds comprehensive, enterprise-grade loyalty programs to foster brand love and change customer behavior for brands, retailers, and shopping malls. With a scalable and holistic loyalty logic, Antavo supercharges the marketing strategy of omnichannel and eCommerce companies and delivers a next-level shopping experience with best-in-class in-store capabilities.

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Antavo's Platform
Vendor category:
Customer Engagement, Loyalty Programs, Personalization
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  • Loyalty program types: 
    • Earn & Burn
    • Tiered
    • Gamified
    • Lifestyle
    • Perks
    • Coalition
    • Influencer/Referral
    • Loyalty Communities
    • Paid
    • Hybrid
  • Omnichannel: 
    • eCommerce
    • mobile
    • in-store
    • non-transactional / daily life

Typically a loyalty program is implemented with the help of a system integrator or digital transformation agency. The steps are the following: 

  • sharing Antavo’s API documentation
  • granting Sandbox access to Antavo LMP
  • testing integration with a help of our Technical Team
  • adding the Mapp integration as an Antavo default module