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Google Ads for Mapp Intelligence

Google Ads for Mapp Intelligence

Get in front of customers when they’re searching for businesses like yours on Google Search and Maps. Only pay for results, like clicks to your website or calls to your business.

Google Ads is an online advertising platform developed by Google, where advertisers pay to display brief advertisements, service offerings, product listings, video content, and generate mobile application installs within the Google ad network to web users.

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With our API you can synchronize all Google Ads campaigns with Mapp Intelligence. Important metrics like cost and clicks will also be automatically imported. This can help you understand the performance of your campaigns in great detail. Predefined metrics can even be used to analyze and compare the CPO and ROI of each channel.

Key Benefits

  • Automatic synchronization of all Google Ad campaigns. This includes Campaign, Ad Group, Title and Type.
  • All Google Ad-Types are supported:
    • Search (text ads on Google search results)
    • Display (image ads on websites)
    • Video (video ads on YouTube)
    • Shopping (product listings on Google)
    • App (your app promotion on many channels).
Title in Google Ads Title in Mapp Intelligence
Impressions Impressions (Ad) / (Keyword)
Clicks Clicks (Ad) / (Keyword)
Costs Costs (Ad)
Average Position Position (Ad) / (Keyword)
CTR CTR (Ad) / (Keyword)
  • Imported Costs can be integrated in the regular cost metric “Campaign costs”. When these metrics are used to import data from other channels, you can compare difference in the channels’ performance. The calculation of CPO and ROI are also based on these metrics.
  • Imported Clicks and Impressions can be integrated in the regular metrics “Campaign Clicks (imported)” and “Campaign Views (imported)”. When these metrics are used to import data from other channels, you can compare difference in the channels’ performance.
As of July 2023, all 3rd party trackers must register with Google to ensure they are not suppressed and ads can be successfully measured. Please note that Mapp Intelligence does not belong to the category of 3rd-party trackers, as no measurement is done via a redirect.

API Configuration

  1. Add tracking parameters in your Google Ads account.

    If you have already recorded Google Ads campaigns (without the interface) using URL parameters in Mapp Intelligence, remove these parameters and only use the new parameters.

  2. Configure the Google Ads API in Mapp (Mapp Q3 > Configuration > Interfaces > Google Ads)
    1. Select the correct tracking parameters
    2. Assign the Google Layers to the campaign categories.
    3. To synchronize all ad types, activate this option in the Advanced Settings.
    4. By using the API, ad-specific metrics are created automatically. By enabling the automatic import, the imported data will be added to other metrics in Mapp Intelligence.

You can find detailed information in our How-To article.


There are two sections where you can analyze Google Ads:

  1. Marketing > Google Ads > Ads | Keywords
    The analysis “Ads” shows the headline of an ad (not available for dynamically created headlines) and the ad media-type.

    The analysis “Keywords” shows the keywords booked at Google Ads, via which the website was accessed. Furthermore, the match type defined in Google Ads (e.g. broad, phrase, exact) is depicted in brackets.

  2. Marketing > Campaigns | Campaign Categories
    By using the different campaign categories you can create a campaign tree. This allows you to create a structured view.

Two additional dimensions are available:

  • Google Ads – Ad type: shows the ad-type (e.g., “Responsive search ad”, “Expanded dynamic search ad”)
  • [Name of ad media] Mediacode: shows the mediacode instead of the name. This is especially useful for ads with dynamically created headlines. There, no title is available.

Performance Max Google Ads campaigns cannot be tracked with Mapp Intelligence. We can track Ad types but Performance Max is not an Ad Type.

You find additional information in the training chapter Campaign analyses.

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