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Loqate is the world’s most trusted location intelligence specialist. Our purpose? To help every business in the world reach every customer in the world. Loqate is the most advanced software for capturing, verifying, and enriching address data globally - delivering the unrivalled precision businesses need.

With an easy-to-integrate product portfolio – including address verification, email and phone validation, and data cleanse – we help businesses boost sales, maximise operational efficiency and grow their customer base. Combining leading technology with the richest global data, we give organisations across the globe the precision and reliability they need to give their customers the best possible experiences. By curating the most comprehensive data in the world, precisely formatted to local standards, we give you the highest possible confidence in your location data to better engage with your customers.

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Some of the use cases supported are:

Global Food Platform: Loqate’s Address Capture service helped a global food platform manage a significant challenge of 600,000 incorrect addresses entered per week. By implementing Loqate’s solution, the platform saved approximately £24 million per year, showcasing the substantial impact of accurate address data collection on operational costs​​.

Footwear Brand: A renowned footwear brand utilized Loqate’s services to save considerable customer service time. By integrating Loqate’s Email and Phone Validation solutions, the brand reduced the time spent on customer service queries by 7.5 hours per week, resulting in annual savings of £30,000. This highlights Loqate’s role in enhancing customer service efficiency and reducing operational costs​​.

eCommerce Platform: An online furniture retailer faced high email bounce rates, adversely affecting their marketing campaigns. With Loqate’s email validation capability, they achieved a 25% reduction in email bounce rates, translating into £1 million saved per year in incremental revenue. This case demonstrates how accurate email data can significantly impact marketing effectiveness and revenue​​.

Mobile Network Provider: A prominent mobile network provider enhanced user experience and reduced customer drop-off rates by implementing Loqate’s reverse geocoding functionality. This resulted in 25% more addresses being correctly verified and a 300% return on investment after adopting Loqate’s solutions, underscoring the importance of reliable location data in customer retention and profitability​​.

The integration between Mapp and Loqate offers a streamlined and efficient way to enhance data quality and user experience on your website. By embedding Loqate’s APIs into your site, you can in real-time check data inputted by the subscriber or customer and ensure that only valid data through to Mapp Marketing Cloud.

One key feature of this integration is the email validation option, which is detailed on Loqate’s website. This tool allows for accurate and efficient email address verification, crucial for maintaining the integrity of your contact lists and ensuring successful communication with your audience.

Additionally, Loqate provides a diverse range of APIs, encompassing not just email validation but also services like type-ahead location, mobile validation, and geolocation. These tools collectively work towards enhancing address verification, data validation, and geocoding capabilities.

Take advantage of an one-time cleanse option offered by Loqate and Mapp. This service allows you to submit a CSV file of email addresses, which will then be thoroughly scanned and cleansed, ensuring the highest level of data quality and accuracy.

In summary, the Mapp-Loqate integration is a powerful solution for businesses looking to improve their data quality, boost conversions, and enhance the overall user experience through reliable data validation and cleansing services.