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Boost engagement, maximize lifetime value.

Odicci’s customer engagement platform enables marketers to grow their databases, collect actionable customer data as well as preference insights with interactive experiences– reveal marketing, games, quizzes, surveys, refer-a-friend – that can be published to every digital channel.

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Vendor category:
Customer Engagement, Gamification
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Integration of personalized interactive content (gamification features) in Mapp digital marketing campaigns

Integration of Offline-Online processes

Client needs to contact CSM to set up this integration.

Mapp/Odicci API needs to be programmed to retrieve data entered into an Odicci sign up form and pass this data on to Mapp.

The data includes the following fields: First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Voucher Submitted.

The Mapp system will then send personalized emails to these customers incl. the Odicci code needed for redemption of special prizes and promotions.