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Direct mail automation for market leaders

optilyz is Europe’s leading direct mail automation software. The tool not only offers a straightforward way to print and send letters, postcards, and self-mailers in just a few clicks but also enables you to run direct mail just like an online channel. Europe’s most innovative companies and some of its biggest chains use optilyz to integrate direct mail into their cross-channel marketing as well as automate and better personalize their campaigns.

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Direct Mail
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With Direct Mail in Mapp Engage, you can be very creative with your Direct Mail campaigns. Possible use case include:

Send Printed Birthday Card To Your High-Value Customers
Send Printed Invitations To A Store Opening (Direct Mail)

Mapp and optilyz are integrated via API.

1. Define your templates in optilyz. Online help is available once your optilyz account is active.

2. Set up Direct Mail Channel in Mapp Engage

3. Create Direct Mail Message

4. Set up a Direct Mail campaign in Mapp’s Whiteboard.

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