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This Mapp Cloud extension enables a seamless integration between your Mapp Cloud instance and Shopify. It helps you to easily fuel the Mapp Intelligence customer insights dashboards with data, without requiring you to touch any code.

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Mapp Executive Summary for Shopify

Some of the use cases supported are:

E-Commerce Analytics
  • Cross-channel attribution: Visualize the revenue attribution across all of your marketing channels
  • Product Analytics: Discover product trends and the impact individual products and product categories have on the overall customer loyalty
Customer Insights
  • Insights: Find Customer Insights and gain additional knowledge about your customers
  • Dashboards: Easy-to-understand dashboards for in-depth analysis
  • Funnel: E-commerce journey and funnel visualizations
  • AI: Real-time predictions for likelihood to churn or convert in session
  • Notifications: Get smart alerts if any anomaly is detected by the system
On-Site Marketing
  • Recommendations: Product recommendation engine with AI for use on-site
  • Pop-ups: Triggered overlays to increase signups or show tailored content
  • Banner Changes: Alter existing images and content to target the right browsers

This extension doesn’t require you to touch any code.

Once active, you will have access to more than 20 pre-configured dashboards to start analyzing user behavior right away. These dashboards are easily scalable and offer an abundant possibility to customize and extend the analyses.

Mapp Cloud is an Insight-led Customer Experience Platform. With Mapp Cloud, you can focus on what makes a difference for your e-commerce, instead of spending precious time and resources taming the technology behind it. you can rely on real, reliable marketing insights that enable true one-to-one personalization – and set the foundation for successful cross-channel marketing activities.

Plugin Features
  • Adds the Mapp Cloud Tag Integration code to the footer of your website.
  • Creates the standard data layer to start analyzing customer insights immediately.
  • Enables customers to add the information needed to initialize tracking without touching any source code.
  • Supports GDPR mode.
  • Supports Mapp Intelligence and Mapp Acquire to get the best of both worlds.