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How often do you attend marketing events?

A few weeks ago, I was honored to attend as a moderator at the Intelligent Content Conference in Las Vegas. I met so many smart marketers there, including the one and only – Joe Pulizzi, founder of Content Marketing Institute. I learned about how AI is shaping our roles as marketers, and how SEO and content best practices have changed and developed and how to build the right processes for my content strategy.

I like to go to 1-2 events per quarter. I think more than that is taking too much time out of my daily work-load, but a minimum of 1-2 events per quarter helps me stay up to date with all the news, trends and best practices. It is also refreshing and helps to maintain relationships with fellow marketers, as well as creating new connections and friendships.

But then, if you are limited (or limiting yourself) to only go to a few marketing events each year, how do you choose which ones to attend? There are questions of budget and location of course, but the main question is the ROT – meaning, which marketing events have the most value to make them worth your time?

At Mapp, we are choosing the events we attend very carefully. Here is a list of 12 marketing events we thought you would not want to miss in the second half of 2017:

1. The Drum Marketing Awards, London – May 29

OK, we might be a little biased with this one. And technically, it is not really in the second half of the year – but what does one day difference matter when you have been nominated for 3 key marketing awards (in the categories Digital Strategy of the Year, Best Use of Data, Customer Insight Strategy of the Year)?

But leaving this exciting news aside, The Drum has been building its reputation as one of the top marketing publications and a ceremony where the organization will announce the winners in no less than 23 categories is bound to be an interesting one. Who will be the rising star of 2017? Which brand will be awarded the experimental strategy of the year?

Get in the front raw of the Oscars of marketing and get the news first hand.

Congratulations to @Brands2Life@Mapp_Digital@WCRS_LDN@blue449@asda for being nominated.

— DrumMarketingAwards (@Drum_Marketing) April 13, 2017

2. iMedia Brand Summit 2017, Biarritz - June 13-14

In June you have the opportunity to take stock of tomorrow's trends and today's innovations in the idyllic settings of the Basque Coast. 500 major players in digital marketing will gather in Biarritz for the fourth edition of iMedia Brand Summit. Visit Mapp at our booth and don't miss our speaking slot about how a DMP can transform your business (June 14th 11:00am) - the session will be recorded also! If I should recommend one more session, it's definitely the one with Tom Cochran, former Digital leader of the Obama's Administration. 

3. eTail Europe, London – June 20-22

eCommerce is one of the most interesting spaces to be in these days. The ever changing, dynamic industry, has been re-inventing itself every couple of month. New technological developments, huge advertising budgets, omnichannel experiences and personalized campaigns.

How are the big brands handling the fierce competition? How are breaking-though startups revolutionizing the face of the industry? Even if you are not in eCommerce, if you are looking for marketing inspiration – this is one event you would definitely don’t want to miss. Marks & Spencer, John Lewis, Sainsbury’s and Tesco are only a few of the brands sending their best speakers to wow you. And yes, we will be there, too. We have a booth and speaking slot on Day 1 at 4:30pm, Katy Bennett (Commercial Director, UK) will be speaking in Track A: Customer Journey & Personalisation.

4. K5 – The Future Retail conference, Berlin - June 22-23

“Thriving in a World of Platforms” is the motto of this year’s Future Retail Conference in Berlin. The K5 is a leading event for the retail of the future and builds a platform for all retailers, brands, service providers and professionals who want to enrich, experience and move the future’s retail. Meet our team at booth #38!

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5. MozCon, Seattle – July 17-19

This three-day conference promises tons of actionable takeaways and socializing opportunities including MozCon’s very own pub crawl, #Mozcrawl. This is a great chance to get on top of your search marketing game, learn what’s hot in the world of SEO, social media and community building, and network with industry leaders.

6. Dmexco, Cologne, September 13-14

Dmexco is one of those mind blowing conferences where you need days just to plan ahead and choose the most relevant session for you out of the half-a-dozen sessions happening simultaneously at any given time. Taking place in the historical German city of Cologne, Dmexco Conference is a two-day event defined as the “global meeting point for the digital economy”. A truly global conference, Dmexco is an outstanding opportunity to meet some digital marketing big shots from some leading global companies.

And yes – the Mapp team will be there as well – waiting with beers and other treats!

Here is a short video from dmexco 2016:

7. Content Marketing World, Cleveland – September 5-8

Well, as you can understand from my title, I am very much into content. For me, Content Marketing World is the holy grail of all marketing events. Bringing together some of the best and brightest in the content marketing industry, Content Marketing World hosts more than 80 sessions, all focused on helping you boast your content marketing strategy and helping you scale your content and get higher ROI.  

8. Inbound, Boston – September 25-28

This event brings thousands of attendees together to learn from leaders in inbound marketing and content creation and distribution. If you're looking for tactical advice and inspiration to fuel your marketing and an amazing chance to network, check out this event.

9. PerformanceIn Live, London – October 24-25

PerformanceIN Live is a two-day event packing in 2,500+ attendees for an international celebration of all forms of measurable marketing. This year’s event will focus on AI & machine learning, affiliate marketing and influencer marketing, as well as programmatic, social and paid media and data-driven marketing – so there’s a piece for everyone. Have some chocolate churros and beer at Mapp's booth in the afternoons!

10. CMO Summit, Dana Point, California – November 1-3

This is a very small and intimate event where you will get to network and learn from the world’s top marketing leaders from a wide variety of industries. If you are a CMO of an industry leading player, this is the right event to enhance your leadership skills, and address the challenges of today’s complex marketing landscape.

11. Big Data and Analytics for Marketing Summit 2017, New York – December 7-8

If in recent years content has been the king of the marketing kingdom, it is now a new era and a new king is rising – data. Proper collection and analysis of big data can deliver powerful marketing insights that shape your overall strategy. This summit will get you in the inner circle of all things data and analytics, and what you need to do to leverage it for your business.

12. Advocamp, San Francisco – December 6-8

Your customers are your most powerful marketing tool. Keep them happy and they’ll do the work for you and spread the word out about your product or service.

What is the key to a winning customer experience, that will make your customers tell the whole world how happy they are? Join this 3-day event where market leaders will share their secrets.

Here are 12 shortlisted marketing events to choose from for the second half of 2017
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Which marketing events do you find more appealing?

So there, you have it. Our selection of the top marketing events for the second half of 2017. Will you go for the mass events where you will be one of thousands of other marketers, such as Dmexco or Inbound? Or will you choose the smaller, more focused events such as Advocamp?

I will personally choose a mixture of both. There’s nothing like being at a huge conference such as Dmexco to really understand the full scope of the marketing industry, but the truly valuable connections are made in the smaller more intimate events.

Which events are you planning to attend in the second half of the year? Anything we’ve missed? Please share in the comments below!

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