CSA Summit Köln

"Back to the Future?" was the big question this year’s CSA Summit tried to answer. The CSA (Certified Senders Alliance) is a whitelist project, supported by DDV and eco, Association of the Internet Industry. On May 11th, the industry experts met in the beautiful city of Cologne. I attended together with my colleagues André Görmer and Anthony Mitchell (Deliverability). We were right in the middle of it all and wanted to share some of the most important insights with you:

1. The Microsoft service Outlook/Hotmail now has joined the whitelisting program of the CSA. As a certified sender this participation does not provide our customers with an “inbox guarantee”, but the mails are "treated preferentially". Specifically, this can mean a faster submission or a reputation bonus.

2. The new internet standard BIMI (Brand Indicators for Message Identification) is coming! Trustworthy senders can then be identified directly by the receiver via a fire logo as a sender image in the webmailer - similar to the trustedDialog of UnitedInternet. The initiative is currently still in the planning phase.

3. The new RFC 8058, which standardizes a logout with just one click, is introduced. This allows ISPs to integrate a reliable, http-based sign-off feature in the web interface, which should serve as an alternative to the spam button. At the end of 2018, the implementation of the RFC as an obligatory criterion will be included in the CSA regulations. In the coming weeks, we will prepare for this at Mapp.

4. Julia Janssen-Holldiek is the successor to Ivo Ivanov and the new director of the CSA. Ivo Ivanov remains in a different position within the association.  

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