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Going into 2017 marketers need to have a clear frame of mind as to what is important. As you may have noticed its not so easy to please customers anymore. Customers expect a lot and they expect it in real-time. We are in a fast paced environment that demands that we keep up with our customer's needs. It also demands that we see our customers for who they truly are and give them a first class experience.But what we can expect to see? Digital Marketing trends such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), which appear to be dominating the presentations in this year’s Festival of Marketing in London. The use of 360 degree videos and photos are expected to take the stage in 2017. Along with the use of artificial intelligence, learn how the top companies are utilizing it. Additionally, the emergence of generation z which is crucial to understand this fast paced generation when looking to 2017. Now it is more important than ever to understand your customers including the next generation. In the upcoming year, we can expect robotics in business to make some major strides. Last but not least, we cannot forget the importance of marketing automation and the use of videos to expect in 2017.

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These top digital marketing trends 2017 will help you wipe out your competition:

1. AR/VR in it's 360° Glory

First lets take a look at some of the most cutting edge technology of 2017, Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). What is the difference? In augmented reality, another element is simply added to the existing reality, while in virtual reality the user is transposed to a different place, or reality. AR and VR are making major strides in marketing and retail. This digital marketing trend of 2017 can help marketers deliver an immersive, impactful, while memorable, and novel experience to truly engage customers. Companies like Coca-Cola are already ahead of trend by using virtual reality this past holiday season to create a sleigh ride. This is a prime of example of how Coca-Cola used virtual reality as a part of their marketing strategy to engage their customers in a memorable experience.

Coca Cola Virtual Reality for Christmas from on Vimeo. Releasing a new product? Use AR and VR as a new medium to implement in a marketers marketing strategy for creating buzz and increase brand recognition. This is an excellent way to be interactive and truly engage your customers while also being ahead of the tech game. Since this technology is still relatively new it's important for marketers to stay ahead of the curve.The next digital marketing trends of 2017, a 360 degree overview of 360 degree videos. On your Facebook newsfeed you may have come across this aspect of virtual reality. This marketing trend is ideal for major event, travel destination, all to make the user feel like they immersed in your reality. Nescafe is a pioneer in this marketing trend using the technology to engage customers by showing them their production process starting with the first step, gathering the coffee beans. This not only engages their customers but allows the company to show case their fresh and natural ingredients, all through the use of 360 degree video.

2. Artificial Intelligence

In 2017, marketers can expect to see a rising popularity of artificial intelligence as an emerging digital marketing trend. According to Nils J Nilsson, a leading AI researcher defines artificial intelligence, as “Artificial intelligence is that activity devoted to making machines intelligent, and intelligence is that quality that enables an entity to function appropriately and with foresight in its environment”. What kind of impact will this have on marketers in 2017? This marketing trend will be able to help marketers with things like semantic analysis, segmentation, search and filtering, website design, optimization, chatbots and messaging, recommendations, content generation, and more.Next, for a closer look at chatbots and messaging, a type of AI that is growing in popularity. In March 2015, Facebook revealed messenger for business, making it available for both B2B and B2C. Facebook messenger is topping over 700 million users each month and experiencing 40% growth from 2014 to 2015. This tool will become more and more important in ones marketing strategy in engaging with customers. There are immense benefits for companies of using it themselves. These benefits include being able to connect and engage your customers using a new medium. Along with sharing messenger codes, promote private messaging links, auto-reply with messenger greetings, and locate businesses by name or username. Top brands including Hyatt, CNN, and Disney are all setting this digital marketing trend for 2017. Through the use of Facebook messenger customers can now have conversations with stars like Miss Piggy. Did you ever dream that this could be beneficial for your company next year? What would your Chatbot look like?Digital Marketing Trend 2017


3. The Emergence of Generation Z

When looking out to 2017 it is more important than ever to understand your audiences. Let’s look at exactly who is generation Z. Also known as the “iGen”, born in the late 1990s or after are the most technological generation yet. Why Generation z? This generation is vital to the future of marketing due to the next generation of customer engagement. These new technologies will have the greatest impact and integrate best into Generation Z. According to Dr. Pamela Rutledge, the director of the independent nonprofit Media Psychology Center, iGen’s tend to pick Snapchat over Facebook & Twitter, and using more mobile. How can marketers adapt to this new generation? It is important for marketers to instinctively satisfy their constantly evolving needs and incorporate them into the solution. This will affect both the tech world and retailers immensely because now more than ever there is now a generation where technology is such an integral part of their world.

4. Good Old Marketing Automation

Some of you may be thinking to yourself, marketing automation…that is not a new marketing trend for 2017. Just because it may not be the new kid on the block does not mean that all companies are fully utilizing it. Although marketing automation has caught on enough to be a $5.5 billion industry, there is still room for improvement. Marketing automation is an amazing tool for a marketers marketing strategy but it must be as efficient as possible in order to yield the best results. This is the trend we will expect to see emerging out of 2017. With 75% of companies or more are likely to purchase marketing software in the next upcoming year. Making this one of the most relevant digital marketing trends of 2017. Marketing automation allows marketers to efficiently manage everything from sign up to registration to purchase all the way to shipping and nurture campaigns. Not only is this a marketing trend, but an . Marketing automation is the stepping-stone to next level engagement between companies and customers. Although this is not necessarily a new marketing trend, marketing automation needs love and attention when creating ones marketing strategy as it keeps evolving year after year.

Digital Marketing Trends 2017

5. Videos: A Visual Manifesto

Videos, although last on our list of digital trends for 2017 is certainly not least. Video content is now more widely used than ever creating a bit of a snowball affect only growing on momentum. Video is not only leading in ROI, but is being thoroughly consumed as well. But, how popular is video content in B2B? According to the Web Video Council, 96% of B2B marketers are utilizing video content in their marketing strategy. Video content leads to results, a study conducted by the Firebrand Group revealed that nearly 85% of marketers receive positive return on investments from video content. Additionally, video content has been proven to increase both brand customer loyalty and brand awareness. Now more than ever videos are most likely to catch the consumers eye amongst the content clutter.

Final Thoughts

When looking out to 2017, it's more crucial than ever to understand this year’s digital marketing trends that would be what separates you from your competition. Understanding marketing trends allow for the most efficient and relevant marketing strategy for the next year. In 2017, marketers can expect anything and everything from distorted versions of reality to artificial intelligence to an increase in video content.We are excited about all these new possibilities and eager to be surprised by any other hypes that come up. To stay up to date on the latest trends and tips in digital marketing sign up to receive our digital marketing news.

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