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Tutto l’email marketing, sotto lo stesso cappello. Analytics per la deliverability, design, DMARC ed engagement. Supportato da esperti di primissimo livello.

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Inbox Rendering Tests

Configuration Procedure​

1. In ​Mapp Engage​, click | ​Mapp Connect​.
A ​Campaign Diagnostics​ window opens with the Add-ons that are active for your system.

2. Click the ​250ok​ card.
The ​250OK Settings​ window opens to the ​Account Setup​ tab.

3. Check the default settings in the ​Account Setup​ tab. Inbox Rendering and Inbox Monitoring are enabled by default.

4. To adapt the configurations for your Inbox Monitoring, click ​Inbox Monitoring Seedlist​.
For more information on ​Inbox Monitoring​ configurations, see ⇘ ​Inbox Monitoring Seedlist (tab)​ .

5. To view the usage report, click ​Usage Report​.