Behind every review is an experience that matters

Trustpilot è una piattaforma di recensioni aperta a tutti, per condividere esperienze che aiutino gli altri a fare scelte migliori e indichino alle aziende cosa migliorare.

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Integration of Trustpilot service review links into Mapp Engage for Email delivery

Customer please contact CSM.

The Mapp API needs to be programmed to retrieve a link from Trustpilot to be inserted into Emails. Emails are then triggered through a whiteboard automation set up by Mapp CSM team.

Use jsp page to perform a Trustpilot API call to generate a customer (with user’s email/location/names) survey link (returned by the Trustpilot API call) , then redirect the user to the survey. Source code: SVNhomebasewebtemplatespublictrustpilotred.jsp