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yReceipts provides custom designed email receipts with integrated transaction-based marketing and social media features in retail stores

I retailer di tutto il mondo utilizzano il nostro software per identificare i clienti in-store attraverso gli scontrini digitali e collegare in tempo reale il 100% delle transazioni in-store a qualsiasi piattaforma in uso. Senza integrazioni EPOS, sviluppo IT o nuovo hardware.

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Digital Receipts
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Integration of in-store customer data from point of sale into digital marketing processes

Sending of digital receipts

1) If DMC system for specific client doesn’t exist already, request for DMC system set up is needed. Please follow standard procedure when requesting new system set up (domain delegation, deliverability questionnaire etc.)

2) Once the DMC system is set up, please create the following:
API executor – DMC user with role – API user 2 (with sufficient send credits)

3) Please contact your Mapp Customer Success or Account Manager for the correct API credentials.

4) Group – with From/Reply settings as provided by Client – Please note the Group i.d – this needs to be passed to the technical representative at yReceipts.

5) Set up related data table:
Through QA switch the Customer feature RelatedData and Mr,Exports (for related data exports)
Once Enabled – please Setup the Related data table as follows:

6) Once the setup is done, test calls and broadcasts should be run in order to confirm that everything is running as expected.