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Artificial Intelligence


Delivering smart notifications in real-time, user-centric predictions and AI-powered content, Mapp AI Assistant is your extra pair of hands that will make your marketing efficient and stress-free.

Mapp AI Assistant


Some game-changing ways our new powerful AI assistant can help you:

  • Spot trends and anomalies to quickly fix errors
  • Detect top-performing audiences automatically
  • Get smart predictions about your customers’ behaviours
  • Write tailored content and improve messaging for your brand
  • Run campaigns at the most optimal time
  • Continually check and optimize your results
Smart Notifications

Spot trends and anomalies automatically

Smart Notifications help you spot trends and anomalies in your data in real-time.

  • Automated notifications of any anomalies
  • Integrated root cause analysis
  • Hourly or daily check
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Segment Detection

Identify new audiences to improve your targeting

Our new Segment Detection feature helps you identify the best audiences for smarter targeting and optimal performance.

  • Identify best-performing segments automatically
  • Get notified in real-time when detecting new segments
  • Activate your segments across email, SMS, in-app, mobile & web push 
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Content generation

Write tailored content for your brand

Craft, optimize, and translate your subject line and body message with our generative AI for more tailored messaging.

  • Improve your content and messaging
  • Match your brand’s tone of voice
  • Translate into multiple languages
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Campaign delivery

Deliver campaigns at optimal time

Ensure your messages are sent at times when your customers are most likely to read them:

  • Identify the best time to send out your campaigns based on customer insights
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User-Centric predictions

Get predictions about your customers' behaviour

Mapp’s AI Assistant empowers you to make predictions about what your customers are going to do next.

  • Predict conversion probability
  • Identify and re-engage churning customers
  • Uplift revenue by forecasting a customer’s next order value
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See Mapp's AI Assistant in Action

Optimize Your Email Subject Line

Watch how easily you can optimize your email subject lines with Mapp's generative AI, creating catchy messages that will improve your email open rates and engagement.

Translate your Subject Line in 26 languages

Discover how simple it is to translate your messages with Mapp's generative AI, particularly when launching global campaigns to resonate with your key markets.

Segment Your Audiences In Top Performing Groups

Explore how our Segment Detection empowers you with alerts on profitable customer groups to act on, for high-impact, insight-led marketing campaigns.

Monitoring The Checkout Process

Don't let any friction escape your attention! See how our Custom Process Monitoring alerts you about checkout process anomalies, helping you to quickly optimize and prevent lost sales.

Predict Your Customers' Likelihood to Convert

Here's how our AI-predictions help you learn the conversion probability of your customers for enhanced segmentation and targeting, to boost campaign performance.

Prevent Your Customers From Churning

Observe our AI-driven predictions that indicate churn probabilities, helping you conduct timely user re-engagement campaigns to drive customer retention.


Are Mapp AI Assistant features now available in Mapp Marketing Cloud?
Our AI package is now activated and available in Mapp Marketing Cloud. If you want to know if you are eligible for these features, get in touch with our Customer Success team.
Which plugin is used for the AI-generated Content feature?
Mapp Marketing Cloud now uses the ChatGPT 4 plugin to generate content within its email creation tool, for both subject lines and body messages.
Is this the final version of the AI Package for Mapp Marketing Cloud?
This release is a new milestone in our AI integration within Mapp Marketing Cloud. More updates and capabilities will be released soon to continuously offer a more intuitive and efficient experience to our customers. Check regularly on Mapp Documentation for more updates on Mapp Marketing Cloud.
I am not yet a Mapp Marketing Cloud user, how do I get see if these features could be of interest for my brand?
Our sales team would be more than happy to walk you through the value of Mapp Marketing Cloud and its AI capabilities. Get in touch with us and book a demo, so we can discuss how Mapp can best meet your needs and requirements!

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