Transform from Meek to Confident with the Power of Customer Knowledge

Mapp Cloud brings customer acquisition and customer
engagement together in one simple
marketing cloud infused with data intelligence.


Target and convert your ideal customer persona online with Mapp Acquire, as you fine-tune your advertising strategy and optimize your acquisition spend.

  • Use first-party data for behavioral retargeting of unknown prospects
  • Build lookalike audiences based on existing customer attributes
  • Create online advertising campaigns through all major ad networks
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Mapp Acquire


Design campaign blueprints across email, social, web, and mobile in Mapp’s drag-and-drop Whiteboard to deliver a seamless, personalized customer journey.

  • Send automated messages triggered by your customers’ real-time engagement
  • Nurture your known customers with omnichannel marketing campaigns
  • Build audience segments based on unified customer data to deliver personalized experiences
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Mapp Engage

Intelligence Intelligence

Unify all your acquisition and engagement data in Mapp’s customer data platform (CDP) to gain a real-time, comprehensive, single customer view.  

  • Match known and unknown customers for better retargeting, suppression, and personalization
  • Identify the Who, What, When, Where of your marketing campaigns with Mapp’s predictive analytics
  • Gain actionable customer insights from cross-channel campaign reports and dashboards
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Mapp Intelligence

We’ve Got Your Data Covered

Mapp Connect

Advanced APIs connect your entire marketing ecosystem
and unify all customer data in Mapp’s marketing cloud.

Your data is safe and secure with Mapp