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App Analytics

Use Mapp to Merge App and Website Data and Gain a Holistic, True-To-Life Representation of your Visitors

Learn which app content is popular
then optimize your app offers accordingly

What does it take for a visitor to install your app and use it regularly? Follow the user on their journey when they install your app, so you continuously optimize your app installation process. Learn how app users navigate your content and offers and continually improve upon this. Discover where interaction, long app usage time, and conversions take place across smartphones, tablets and notebooks.

App Analytics Advantages:

  • Identify and optimize all touchpoints prior to app installation
  • View app usage in detail and capture campaign attribution and deep links
  • Where can you optimize? Discover which offers and categories work best in your app
  • Classify your app users into granular segments and activate sales-relevant target groups
  • Remind visitors of order abandonments that took place on other devices

Activate app users with push messages and analyze which messages are actually received.

Thanks to Mapp’s engagement solution, you will be able to send targeted push messages directly from Mapp. The dispatch is based on the app users in the corresponding segments.

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